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I use my Peak Design duffel as gym bag and needed a water bottle holder. I found a great solution (

I wanted to find a way to attach it so it wouldn’t flop around loosely. Most of the molle water bottle holder mounting points were too narrow. Eventually I found one made for a bike with a bunch of mounting points. It came with hook and loop straps but they wouldn’t get tight enough and led to flopping. So I used zip ties....

Commuter/Laptop Bag Review: Moment MTW Backpack 17L (

In the fall of 2022, my workplace decided it was time to enforce return-to-office and informed us we had to be in the office 3 days a week or else. The only bags I’d used to this point were hand-me-down promotional backpacks or an over-the-shoulder canvas bag - neither of which worked well for what I take to the office when I...

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