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Why is there no LibreOffice in the Gnome Software that I can install from the repos?

Might be a noob question, but I dont understand this. I’m running Tumbleweed with Gnome. When I search for LibreOffice (the whole suite, not a single program) in the Software app, I can only install it as flatpack. Still I can install it via zypper install libreoffice which installs it from the repos, I guess. Why doesn’t...

Noob Question: What to do after 'sudo zypper dup'?

Hey, so i have kind of a noob question :D When i update all the packages on Tumbleweed with ‘sudo zypper dup’ there are many packages that need to get restarted since these active processes using deleted files. Normally i just restart my whole Computer for that but i wonder if there is another possibility, perhaps restarting...

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