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The Past and Present of Writing Women Out of Scientific History (

In the August 6, 1945 edition, under the blaring headline: FIRST ATOMIC BOMB DROPPED ON JAPAN; TRUMAN WARNS FOE OF A ‘RAIN OF RUIN,’” the New York Times traced the simultaneously terrifying and wondrous development of the atomic bomb, its scientific history, and the race between the Allies and the Germans to build it and...

Tesla to Disrupt UK Energy Market with Launch of New Household Electricity Supplier (

Tesla plans to enter the UK energy market by offering electricity to homes and establishing “virtual power plants.” The company aims to support the transition to 100% renewable energy by enabling customers with Tesla products to store and sell electricity to the grid at optimal market prices.

Weekend Discussion Thread: Let's Wrap Our Minds Around the Concept of Superintelligent AI (

Hey all! This weekend, let’s delve into the mind-boggling concept of superintelligent AI. What does it mean to have an intelligence surpassing our own? How would we even recognize it? Can our limited human comprehension grasp what it has to teach us?...

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