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[META] Kraken bot

I am setting up a lemmy bot named SportsBot to repost content from RSS feeds to various communities I moderate. I was thinking of setting it up to repost the articles from, but I wanted to check in with everyone before turning it on to see if there are other sources with rss feeds we’re more...

Game thread bot (

Howdy folks! This week I’ll be looking at the setup some lemmy bots to support the community as we start getting into games and news. First thing will be auto game threads. Second would be a sidebar updater with standings and upcoming games. Are there any other regular posts that we should consider posting here as a matter of...

Measuring the (In)Significance of the Kraken’s Faceoff Weakness (

If anything, the Kraken should look at themselves as an example demonstrating why faceoffs don’t matter. They’d benefit far more trying to improve their special teams that ranked in the bottom-half of the league too. Bellemare helps on the faceoff side, but really he’ll do much more for the penalty kill. So even that...

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