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TL;DR Putin is a MGS character: anticom russophobes miss that he doesn't get the USSR+thinks orthodox christianity can magically boost birth rates+stonks, criticism of Russian elections has to be insane because is it is broken the same way as western demo


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blue ocean event is unavoidable this decade, hold on to your butts folx


Waiting for the collapse is tiring. I feel like it is right around the corner, and everyone in the know doing their best to hide it from us. I really hope that it is not as close as I fear that it is.

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All the sports that are part of Saudi Arabia's sportswashing plan


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The article could’ve been worded better, but its pretty eye opening nonetheless


Not as mainstream as others but MotoGP (world road motorcycling championship) is also a target

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Canadian province of Quebec looks for international support to fight over 160 wildfires



For all these posts you're putting up from Mastodon, you might want to actually look at the Lemmy interface and see how you're messing up the format so you can fix it.

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Iran hails 'new era' as embassy reopens in Saudi Arabia


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In Kenya, lions are speared to death as human-wildlife conflict worsens amid drought


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