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Im already vegan fam, you don't have to sell it to me more

TIL that the longest work of literature is a fanfiction called "Loud House Revamped"

The fanfiction is currently above 16,777,215 words (we don’t know the word count because uses 24-bit integers to count the amount of words and this fic surpassed the computational limit), and is 2000+ chapters. It is written by Jamesdean5842 and is still being written to this day....


Not sure, I assumed it was the classic literature. I have not read the section myself, but the chapter is titled something like "the 9 circles of hell" so it could be either or really.

Fun Fact: The longest piece of literature ever written is a Loud House fanfiction called "Loud House Revamped".

The fanfiction is currently above 16,777,215 words (we don't know the word count because uses 24-bit integers to count the amount of words and this fic surpassed the computational limit), and is 2000+ chapters. It is written by Jamesdean5842 and is still being written to this day....


The Loud House Revamped passed Subspace Emissary a while ago though I cannot find when that happened exactly.

ItsYaBoiBananaBoi, (edited )

It was started in 2017 and is being updated daily.

According to people who have read a great portion of it, the writing is god awful and does not improve the longer you read.

From what I can tell from Jamesdean5842's profile, he is quite proud of The Loud House Revamped calling it his "prized work" (

The first TVtropes link I put has a list of the "episodes" that have been documented by readers so far. Each chapter seems to be its own episode of sorts.

The plot itself is not very interesting, the only thing noteworthy about the plot is all the bizarre and absurd things that occur in it, but it is not fun to read. You can see examples of the strange things that happen in the story on TVtropes.

As far as I can tell, there are no fanfics of this particular work, but there is a lot of fan fiction of the Loud House.


Of course I have! I know pretty much everything about them, can't miss Tron Legacy!


Yall just don't get it, it's natural lubrication.


If anyone is wondering what site I am doing this on it's called "gab", it's filled with white sepremicists and nazis, don't go on there if you are faint of heart


I am trying to be as respectful as possible here, but saying that authoritarianism doesn't exist is an absolutely insane take. Obviously the CIA did a lot to try and stop communism, we all know that. And why wouldn't a state want to suppress dissent, do you think that all "communist" regimes were these perfect, do nothing wrong utopias? Of course a state wants to suppress dissent, it gives them more control over their people, Governments are greedy, even if they claim to be communist. I don't think the extent of mass surveillance, forced propaganda, censorship, and imprisonment could be justified by "stopping a foreign entity. Here are some examples of the things authoritarian "communist" regimes did to supposedly "fight foreign powers".

Soviet Union (USSR): Under the leadership of Joseph Stalin, the Soviet Union carried out numerous purges and suppressions of dissent. The Great Purge in the late 1930s resulted in the execution or imprisonment of millions of people, including political opponents, intellectuals, military officers, and ordinary citizens accused of disloyalty or counter-revolutionary activities. The state employed the secret police, censorship, forced labor camps (Gulags), and surveillance to maintain control and suppress dissent.

People's Republic of China: The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has a long history of suppressing dissent. During the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976), Mao Zedong mobilized student groups known as the Red Guards to target intellectuals, artists, and political opponents. Many individuals were persecuted, imprisoned, or killed. In more recent times, the Chinese government has tightened control over the media, the internet, and social media platforms, censoring content, monitoring online activities, and imprisoning activists and dissidents who challenge the party's authority.

Cuba: The Cuban government under Fidel Castro and his successors has been known for suppressing dissent. The regime has restricted freedom of speech, assembly, and the press, controlling the media and limiting access to information. Independent journalists, activists, and political opponents have been subject to harassment, imprisonment, and surveillance. The government also tightly controls access to the internet and social media platforms.

North Korea: The totalitarian regime in North Korea, led by the Kim family, has implemented strict controls on information and dissent. The state maintains a pervasive surveillance system and enforces ideological conformity through propaganda, censorship, and forced indoctrination. Any form of dissent or criticism of the regime is severely punished, with individuals and even entire families sent to political prison camps.

East Germany: During the existence of the German Democratic Republic (GDR), the ruling Socialist Unity Party suppressed dissent through surveillance, censorship, and repression. The Ministry for State Security, commonly known as the Stasi, maintained a vast network of informants and spies to monitor citizens' activities and control dissent. The government restricted travel, controlled the media, and imprisoned those who challenged the state's authority.

Most suppression of dissent was done to citizens of the state. If you think that any of this can be justified by "fighting foreign powers", you are absolutely delusional.

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