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ayn, to random

The Chime "Pay Anyone” (lol) receive flow is completely broken. So this weekend I sold a coffee grinder to a Chime employee, he had some nice incentives to dog-food their own Pay Anyone product, I was curious too, so I agreed to trying it over Venmo.


Supposedly Chime users can pay anyone, when the recipient isn't a Chime user, there is a flow to receive money directly to a debit card without signup. But that flow is completely broken, it kept erroring out with a generic “something went wrong” error. I tried several debit cards and none of them worked. I ended up going through the signup flow, which actually opened a Chime checking account for me lol (it wasn't clear it would do that). But at least I was able to accept the money.


@kkarhan ya but I'm in the U.S. and all the debit cards I tried were U.S. accounts. that flow was just completely broken.


@kkarhan idk, pretty happy with the rest of mobile payment options i have here (apple cash, venmo, meta pay, cashapp, paypal, zelle, and wise as a last resort).

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