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I’m not a bot account, Dave.

Live well and live broadly. You are alive and living now. Now is the envy of all of the dead.

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How is this video clickbait?

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The name of the company is in the thumbnail.

EDIT Videos is a visual media. So you can’t ignore that side of it.

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F1 Academy: Doriane Pin loses victory in Saudi Arabia after failing to realise race was over (www.skysports.com)

Doriane Pin penalised for failing to notice F1 Academy race in Saudi Arabia was over; French driver handed 20-second penalty and drops to ninth with Britains Abbi Pulling elevated to winner; Sky Sports F1s Damon Hill criticises decision, saying lights should also indicate end of race

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Wait…how would she not know. It’s 50/50 on her and her crew. But fully a shitshow.

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It’s actually pretty common for drivers not to know exactly how many laps are left without being reminded

Can she look at her steering wheel for race info?

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Godzilla: Minus One won Best Visual Effects. Yes, finally something good.

hal_5700X, (edited )
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they blocked the piracy communities

To be fair, they added them back.

Nevermind. They did it again.

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Where’s The Marvels, Wish, The Flash, and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania? Sad.

For some Helldivers 2 players, the fascist role-play has gone too far (www.polygon.com)

It took GantztheDemon 10 days to be able to play Helldivers 2 again. On Feb. 21, TikTok user AJGaming shared a video featuring Gantz killing them. The sequence went viral overnight, garnering 4.8 million views as of this writing. A subsection of the Helldivers 2 community, hung up on the politically charged satire theme of the...

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