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Similar happened to an acquaintance of mine’s son who also lives in NOLA. He flew an Israeli flag and someone spray painted Free Palestine on his garage.

I got out the world’s smallest violin for that.

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Just like the mayonegg from Arrested Development

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Lol. Joe biden is a neoliberal. Hillary clinton is a neoliberal. Al gore, Bill clinton, Barack obama. All neoliberal. No leftist who is anticapitalist (as they should be) will call themselves liberal. That’s just some america-brained shit.

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Why are there so many hillary lovers on lemmy?

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What did Russell Brand do to get famous? I remember him back in the 2010s being known for questioning existing power structures. Like, he got on stage at some event sponsored by Hugo Boss and brought up the fact that they made uniforms for the nazis.

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