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Systems Engineer and Configuration
Management Analyst.

Postgrad degree is in computer science/cybersecurity, but my undergraduate is in archaeology. Someday, maybe, I’ll merge the two fields professionally!

I love true science fiction, as well as all things aviation, outer space, and NASA-related.

Also, Calvin and Hobbes is the best comic strip of all time! Check it out ;)

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Go for it friend! is where I base the daily comic on. I’ll be back on 10/03/23.

I am forcing myself to relax on my honeymoon! I’m sure the community will make it until I return!

A 1700-year-old Roman water tunnel dug into the mountain was discovered in Adıyaman province in southeastern Türkiye (

It was revealed that in the Besni district of Adıyaman province, located in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey, the Romans dug a 150-meter-long water tunnel into the mountain 1,700 years ago to irrigate their lands with the water flowing from the river.

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Oh interesting, does the entire site show up that way for you? Its black text on a white background for me.

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