Україна Ukraine

Monthly chart: Ukraine braces for tough summer months as Russia renews attacks on energy infrastructure (

The following is a chart based off of data originally published in the Kyiv-based Center of Economic Strategy's "Ukraine War Economy Tracker." The Kyiv Independent is republishing it with permission. Ukraine is forced to rely on electricity imports after Russian attacks Net commercial exports of electricity, MWh Positive net...

What Ukraine lost while waiting for the US aid bill to pass (

The long-awaited passing of the U.S. aid bill in the House of Representatives over the weekend was swiftly followed by a collective sigh of relief in Ukraine and among the country’s allies. But frustration at the delays caused by political infighting in Congress has not completely subsided, as

Swedish Navy chief says Russian 'shadow fleet' of oil tankers possibly conducting espionage in Baltic Sea (

Swedish Navy chief Ewa Skoog Haslum said some of the ships from the shadow fleet have been found to possess communications and signals equipment not usually associated with cargo vessels, leading to concerns they could be used in "hybrid operations."

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