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Latvia to become first EU country to ban imports of grain from Russia, Belarus (

Latvian President Edgars Rinkevics argued that Russian grain imports support the Russian economy and, therefore, its army, and what is labeled as Russian grain may, in fact, be Ukrainian grain stolen from Russian-occupied territories.

Opinion: In the past 2 years of war, we have all died a little (

Where were you that morning when the great war began? Here's my story: The war spoke to me with the distant rumble of explosions outside the window, but I didn't believe it, thinking I was living a dream. Then, on the second floor of my friends' house near Kyiv, the

Over 14 million Ukrainians forced to flee due to Russian invasion, UN agency says (

Over 14 million people, nearly a third of Ukraine's population, have been forced to flee their homes in the two years since Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) reported on Feb. 22.

Tusk rejects Zelensky's proposal to meet at border, says meeting already scheduled for March in Warsaw (

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk rejected President Volodymyr Zelensky's proposal to meet at the border of their countries to solve the ongoing blockade led by Polish farmers on Feb. 22, as he said a meeting between the two governments is already planned in March in Warsaw.

ABC News: Ukraine could face 'catastrophic' arms shortage within weeks, US officials say (

Ukraine could face a "catastrophic shortage of ammunition and air defenses" by late March if Congress does not pass a bill that contains $61 billion in crucial funding for Kyiv, ABC News reported on Feb. 22, citing two anonymous U.S. officials.

Borrell, Kuleba: Europe and the world need Ukraine to prevail (

KYIV – Feb. 24, 2022, when Russia marched hundreds of thousands of troops into Ukraine, marked the beginning of a major geopolitical earthquake. For two years, Europe has been living with the grim reality of the continent’s largest war of aggression since World War II, and with widespread, horrifying atrocities.

Bundestag votes against Taurus missiles for Ukraine, supports sending 'necessary long-range missiles' (

The German parliament held two votes on providing long-range weapons to Ukraine on Feb. 22, first rejecting a motion explicitly mentioning Taurus missiles, followed by supporting a motion calling for Germany to send additional long-range weapons.

10 years of war: A timeline of Russia's decade-long aggression against Ukraine (

Almost immediately following the end of the EuroMaidan Revolution in Ukraine in February 2014, Russia swiftly moved to annex and occupy the Crimean Peninsula. Within a couple of months, unrest erupted in eastern Ukraine followed by Russian-backed militias taking over administrative buildings. The events mark the start of...

Bloomberg: Seizure of frozen Russian assets legal, experts say (

A letter signed by international legal experts argues that the seizure of frozen Russian central bank assets to aid Ukraine would be lawful given Russia's "ongoing breach of the most fundamental rules of international law," Bloomberg reported on Feb. 21.

Military: Ukrainian strike in occupied Kherson Oblast kills around 60 Russian soldiers (

Ukrainian forces struck a Russian military training ground in the occupied part of Kherson Oblast, killing around 60 Russian soldiers, Nataliia Humeniuk, a spokesperson of Ukraine's Southern Operational Command, said on Feb. 22.

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