NoMansSky Hot

Is the cartographer expedition worth trying for a newbie?

I'm still pretty new to the game. I've tried two of the expeditions—Utopia this month and I believe Singularity earlier this year—but didn't make it very far through either (via a combination of not starting them early enough and, for Singularity, barely knowing how to play the game). I don't have a lot of time over the...

Light No Fire Announcement Trailer (

Light No Fire looks incredible, while I trust Hello Games have learned not to overhype their game too hard. I’m going to remain rationally optimistic. I do very much want this to be an incredible game, but ive been stung by the hypetrain too much to know to never be excited by a trailer....

No reexpeditions this year?

I have been playing NMS via GOG off and on since release day. I completed the first expedition and then have not played another one until the most recent three, which I did on my PS5, and the most recent one I did also on Mac via Steam. I have been looking forward to playing older expeditions I missed in years prior, plus being...

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