Creating Custom Drupal Blocks: Best Practices and Use Cases (gole.ms)

Discover the power of custom Drupal blocks as we delve into website customization in this article. Custom Drupal blocks offer personalized functionality, design, and content that set your website apart. Investing time in creating these blocks unlocks many benefits for Drupal website development. To inspire your creativity, we...

Building a Mobile App with Drupal as a Backend (gole.ms)

Do you know that almost 90% of developers who use Drupal as a backend for their mobile apps have their stash, lucky coding socks? This is interesting because developers believe it allows them to work more efficiently. We may have exaggerated about 90 percent, but building a mobile app development with Drupal as a backend is...

Exploring the Potential of GraphQL in Drupal Development (gole.ms)

GraphQL was designed for more powerful and user-friendly client-server interaction. This complex solution is a query language and execution engine. GraphQL is developing quickly and is available as a web service in Drupal 8, 9, and 10. Drupal websites often use GraphQL. This solution is particularly robust as a web service and...

How to Leverage Drupal's Layout Builder to Create Complex Pages (gole.ms)

Sometimes, creating a modern design with high functionality is problematic. Especially when it comes to large-scale and complex projects. There are various solutions to make the process of creating layouts easier and more convenient. One of the most influential and popular is Drupal Layout Builder.

The Future of Drupal Theming: An Overview of Emerging Trends and Tools (gole.ms)

Drupal started as a student project in Belgium. Initially, Dries Bytart devised a communication system between students living in dormitories. But the Drupal software and community have grown significantly over the years. For now, ten significant versions of Drupal have been released.

The Impact of Machine Learning on Drupal Personalization (gole.ms)

Have you ever wondered why the websites you visit frequently offer products or services that might interest you? For example, an online movie cinema website shows different combinations of movies that usually suit your tastes well. The same can be said about online stores. Whenever you return to the website, it suggests items...

Building a Decentralized Application with Drupal and IPFS (gole.ms)

Are you interested in building a decentralized application that is both speedy and secure? We recommend Drupal and IPFS for this purpose. Our blog contains a concise guide on creating a DApp that utilizes the strength of these technologies to provide users with a smooth experience. Join the decentralized movement and begin...

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