Aegir 3 and Drupal 10: just about working (www.computerminds.co.uk)

In my previous article I outlined that I really needed to get Drupal 10 sites running in Aegir 3. I had no time to wait around for other solutions, and I was going to try to decouple Aegir from running Drupal sites, so that it wouldn't be tied to Drupal versions. Since writing that article and actually sitting down to do this...

How to Migrate from Video Embed WYSIWYG to Drupal Core Media | Horizontal Digital Blog (blog.horizontaldigital.com)

Many Drupal 8 sites were created before Media was stable in core. At that time, the contributed Video Embed Field project was the de facto standard for embedding YouTube and other remote videos in a Drupal site. These days, though, Drupal's Media handling is stable and the Video Embed Field has long been deprecated....

Global City Website Trends: Analysis of CMS Usage on Official City Websites (www.thedroptimes.com)

Explore the trends of Content Management System (CMS) usage on official city websites with a comprehensive study spanning 466 cities worldwide. The research delves into the prevalence of open-source solutions, highlighting the dominance of WordPress, Drupal, and other platforms. The report categorizes findings based on city...

The Essential Drupal Commerce Modules for building Online Stores (www.thedroptimes.com)

If you're crafting an e-commerce experience where storytelling and customer connection come first, Drupal with Drupal Commerce is your solution. Unlike catalogue-driven platforms, Drupal lets you seamlessly merge your brand story with the shopper's journey, building loyalty and driving sales. Here's a selection of essential...

Effortless Drupal Development: Single Directory Components Demystified (qtatech.com)

Elevate your Drupal development game with our comprehensive guide on Single Directory Components (SDC). Unlock efficiency effortlessly as we demystify the power, purpose, and implementation of SDC. Explore real-world insights, security enhancements, and creative possibilities. Revolutionize your web development with SDC today!

Mastering Content Structure with Ease Thanks to Drupal’s Revamped Field UI (imagexmedia.com)

Authored by: Nadiia Nykolaichuk. Whatever specific kinds of content your website needs — articles, news, testimonials, products, user profiles, events — fields help organize them into predefined structures or templates. This ensures consistency in how all items of a certain type are displayed and managed, and gives you...

@alexmoreno's (Drupal Innovation Coordinator at the Drupal Association) Updated Advice to Migrating D7 to D10. SPOILER: Use Dupal UI and DDEV (www.drupal.org)

This is a refresh of an old article I wrote in my previous life as a Technical Solutions Manager in Acquia. The old approach uses Drush, while the 2024 version is much faster to set up and easy to use through the Drupal UI.

Drupal Association - Turning Takers into Makers: The enhanced Drupal Certified Partner Program (www.drupal.org)

To fulfill our mission and to better support the availability of Drupal, the Drupal Association is re-orienting the Drupal Certified Partner program to recognize and highlight those firms who represent the “small number of contributors” that “are critical to the health and future well-being” of Drupal. In other words,...

Drupal top open-source options for large city websites in US. Inspired by TDT's research about higher ed usage, Grzegorz Pietrzak checked the CMS used by US cities with more than 100k inhabitants (www.linkedin.com)

After publishing my post with statistics about #CMS used on official city websites, I got a lot of messages about providing the same data for the USA 🤠....

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