How to block Threads on Mastodon (

Should the Fediverse welcome its new surveillance-capitalism overlords? Opinions differ! If you’re one of the fediverse influencers who sees Threads arrival it as “historic” and “a glimpse of the future” … well, you might want to skip this post....

Steps towards a safer fediverse (

The good news is that there are some straightforward opportunities for significant short-term safety improvements. If fediverse funders, developers, businesses, and “influencers” start prioritizing investing in safety, the fediverse can turn what’s currently a big weakness into a huge strategic advantage....

Instances in the free fediverses should consider "transitive defederation" from instances that federate with Meta (

Transitive defederation – defederating from instances that federate with Threads as well as defederating from Threads – isn’t likely to be an all-or-nothing thing in the free fediverses. Tradeoffs are different for different people and instances. This is one of the strengths of the fediverse, so however much transitive...

The free fediverses should work together with people and instances in Meta's fediverses and on Bluesky whose goals and values align (

Many of the Meta advocates I’ve talked to share the free fediverses’ long-term goal of building a sustainable alternative to surveillance capitalism – and the same is true for people on Bluesky. So there are likely to be situations where some of the people and instances in Meta’s fediverses and Bluesky wind up as...

The free fediverses should make it easier to move between (and create) instances (

There’s likely to be a lot of moving between instances as people and instances sort themselves out into the free fediverses and Meta’s fediverses – and today, moving accounts on the fediverse today. There are lots of straightforward ways to improve it, many of which don’t even require improvements to the software. And...

Mastodon and today's fediverse are unsafe by design and unsafe by default (

Even though millions of people left Twitter in 2023 – and millions more are ready to move as soon as there’s a viable alternative – the fediverse isn’t growing.1 One reason why: today’s fediverse is unsafe by design and unsafe by default – especially for Black and Indigenous people, women of color, LGBTAIQ2S+...

A clear victory for the free fediverse: Meta now says integrating with ActivityPub is "a long way out" (

When Meta launched their new Twitter competitor Threads on July 5, they said that it would be compatible with the ActivityPub protocol, Mastodon, and all the other decentralized social networks in the fediverse "soon"....

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