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Copilot misses the question, elaborates on topic I was speaking aloud instead. (

Was using my SO’s laptop, I had been talking (not searching, or otherwise typing) about some VPN solutions for my homelab, and had the curiosity to use the new big copilot button and ask what it can do. The beginning of this context was actually me asking if it can turn off my computer for me (it cannot) and I ask this....

Whats the purpose for usernames on signal?

Been using signal for years and love it and got the majority of my contacts on to it. My question is how are usernames useful now? You still need to register with a phone number with signal to limit spam and bots afaik and I’m assuming you should protect your username just like you do your phone number anyways because spam,...

Android Microphone Snooping (

So I had a verbal conversation with a coworker yesterday and now I’m getting fed very specific ads. No possible way it’s accidental. I have most of the microphone access to apps limited, I have Google assistant turned off and no VPA setup in my home. I use a Oneplus 9 pro, does anyone have recommendations on how to further...

Unveiling the Surveillance Potential of Targeted Advertising Data (

The article discusses the use of targeted advertising data by government agencies, particularly focusing on how a technology consultant demonstrated the security risks posed by Grindr’s data to national security agencies. It highlights the widespread availability and potential surveillance applications of advertising data, as...

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