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How to hide comments that mention a specific word ? (on lemmy of course)

I’m bored of reading how Linux is better than windows, how matrix is better than discord, how foss is better than proprietary etc etc. I didn’t even mind but it’s always the same things everyone says… so anyway I want to hide comments that mention those words I already did it for posts but can’t find an option for...

What's a common occurrence in your hobby that you think shouldn't be?

For me it’s driving while under the influence. If you couldn’t tell, I like me some ganja. However I have long since held the belief that it is utterly insane to drive while under the influence of most substances, with maybe nicotine and caffeine being the exception. All too often I see other stoners smoking and driving,...

Could you suggest a reputable career advisor/counselor with expertise in remote employment opportunities and immigration assistance?

Looking to develop my skills in order to get a foot in the door on a new career path but unsure where exactly to proceed, so would appreciate a good counselor suggestions if you’ve had a positive experience with them. Ideally someone who specializes in the state of things globally, not just in America.

I feel relief after pulling off my toenails, whats wrong with me?

When I pull off my toenails I feel relief. It still hurts to do but afterwards I get a sense of overwhelming calm. Ignoring the pain aspect, It’s kind of similar to the feeling of having a blocked nose become clear. Is this indicative of anything?/ does anyone else experience something similar?

What all youtube channels can you recommend so that i don't fall behind on movies and series trailers ? (

EDIT : I am using pipepipe which is a really good client for youtube without ads and bullshit but with added features like downloading anything, better search etc . Adding this because a comment told me the downvotes were because it feels like i’m seeking ads ....

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