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Science & Computing Competition for High Schools Aims to Donate 50,000 hours of computation to medical research

The Computation Moonshot is a competition for high schools which encourages students to learn about data science, computer science, distributed computing, and a wide array of fields in science by having them contribute to real, useful outcomes for researchers in an exciting competitive atmosphere. We utilize the Berkeley Open...

What would happen if you vibrated your brain? (

Pic basically unrelated, but required to post so maybe I’m in the wrong place. If there’s a better place for this lmk. Fediverse is hard to suss for locations. I looked for something like askscience but didn’t find anything and I’m not sure if that’s because it doesn’t exist or discoverability is still crap....

What turned Earth into a giant snowball 700m years ago? (

“Imagine the Earth almost completely frozen over,” said the study’s lead author, ARC Future Fellow Dr Adriana Dutkiewicz. “That’s just what happened about 700 million years ago; the planet was blanketed in ice from poles to equator and temperatures plunged. However, just what caused this has been an open question....

3D printing technology for tissue: Researchers combine hydrogels and fibers (

In the latest study by Prof. Dr. Leonid Ionov, Professor of Biofabrication, and his team at the University of Bayreuth, various types of hydrogels were extensively tested for the 3D printing of tissues. A hydrogel is a water-retaining and also water-insoluble polymer. In addition, the cell containing–hydrogels, also known as...

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