LDP Backs Govt Panel Proposals on Shrinking Imperial Family (www.nippon.com)

In 2021, the government panel presented the proposals, which call for allowing female members to retain their Imperial Family status after marriage and for allowing male members in the paternal line of former Imperial Family branches to be adopted into the Imperial Family.

Our search for Kyoto Station’s cheapest souvenir reveals a surprisingly sweet find (soranews24.com)

As you might expect from a major railway hub for one of the country’s most visited cities, Kyoto Station is filled with souvenir stores. From sweets to miscellaneous goods, there’s such a wide selection on offer you’d think they have all the main products from Kyoto in stock, so when our reporter Udonko was planning a trip...

Japan investigates foreign YouTubers accused of dodging train fares and stealing food (www.theguardian.com)

A rise in the antics of nuisance influencers in Japan, who are accused of duping train ticket collectors and pretending to be homeless to get cash, has caused consternation in the country as tourism number near their pre-pandemic levels....

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