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Disney, DeSantis legal fights ratchet up as company demands documents from Florida governor (finance.yahoo.com)

The legal fights between Disney and Gov. Ron DeSantis ratcheted up this week. The Florida governor asked that the company's First Amendment lawsuit against him be tossed from federal court, and Disney demanded emails, texts and other communications from the governor's office in a separate state court lawsuit originally brought...

House Republicans scared to lose majority push back on extreme agenda (www.washingtonpost.com)

The House’s focus on the far-right’s demands over the past month has irritated Republicans who represent swing districts or are worried that an extreme legislative agenda will push voters away and hand the House majority to Democrats in 2024. So they are learning to flex their procedural muscles, largely behind the scenes,...

The Bidenomics push needs a second focus: Corporate greed (www.dailykos.com)

US just released a study finding “many of the largest general consumer S&P 500 companies have admitted to benefiting from increased prices as their net profits increased year-over-year and they rewarded shareholders with billions in new shareholder handouts.” In other words, price gouging and corporate greed is driving...

Republicans did their best to turn Pride into a celebration of bigotry (www.dailykos.com)

According to a Washington Post article on this phenomenon, “The attacks also coincide with signs of a shift in public opinion, with opposition to LGBTQ+ rights rising again, especially among Republicans, polling shows.” But saying “especially among Republicans” is underselling it. The Gallup poll the Post points to as...

The Supreme Court is out of control and must be reformed (www.dailykos.com)

The majority then announced, with an opinion from Chief Justice John Roberts, that it was overthrowing the student loan forgiveness program, granting a request from six Republican state attorneys general on behalf of a loan servicer, the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority, that did not want to be used as a plaintiff....

FACT SHEET: President Biden Announces New Actions to Provide Debt Relief and Support for Student Loan Borrowers | The White House (www.whitehouse.gov)

No President has fought harder for student debt relief than President Biden, and he’s not done yet. President Biden and Vice President Harris will not let Republican elected officials succeed in denying hardworking Americans the relief they need. In light of the Supreme Court’s ruling this morning, President Biden and his...

Supreme Court's student debt decision has bad implications for environmental protections (www.dailykos.com)

The Supreme Court’s ruling on affirmative action admissions could undermine the Biden-Harris administration’s efforts to bring environmental justice to predominantly Black communities disproportionately harmed by pollution. Today’s decision rejecting the administration’s forgiveness of student debt could mean the...

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