Blindspotting (2018) (

Caught this on tv last night, couldn't turn away. Spolier - this clip is one of the final scenes of the film so will give the general ending away, but it just needs sharing for Daveed Diggs' amazing performance if nothing else (but much more), so do with it as you will but by all means, do watch the movie first if you don't want...

Leonardo DiCaprio Told Timothée Chalamet ‘No Superhero Movies,’ but Chalamet Says ‘I’d Have to Consider’ One ‘If the Script’ and Director Were ‘Great’ (

Timothée Chalamet first revealed in September 2022 that his “Don’t Look Up” co-star Leonardo DiCaprio once gave him brief but essential career advice: “No hard drugs and no superhero movies.” DiCaprio has never gone down the comic book movie route, and it’s a path Chalamet has also avoided so far despite the...

Spaceman movie review & film summary (2024) | Roger Ebert (

I just love Sandler in this register. It’s no longer a surprise when he pulls a well-defined and memorable dramatic performance. Now, 189 days into his mission, Jakub Prochazka (Adam Sandler), the forlorn cosmonaut protagonist of “Spaceman,” is hurtling toward Jupiter to study the mysterious Chopra cloud. He is nearing his...

YNaija unveils ‘The Nollywood 100’ - The Brightest Talent In Nigeria’s Film Industry in 2024 (

The YNaija Nollywood 100 in collaboration with EbonyLife, is pleased to present our definitive list of the brightest talents in Nigeria’s film Industry. To gain this list, we worked with film critics, stakeholders and writer Iniabasi Jeffrey who have all contributed extensively to the film industry while remaining apart from...

‘Gladiator 2’ Budget Balloons To $310 Million Amid Reports Of “Runaway” Spending (

200 million dollar budgets are usually reserved for Marvel or DC blockbusters. $300 million dollar budgets are typically reserved for “Avengers”-level movies. But Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator 2” sequel apparently has a budget that has ballooned up to $310 million, according to a new report in The Hollywood Reporter....

Is "Drive-Away Dolls" Proof That the Coen Brothers Don't Need Each Other? (

The Ethan Coen crime farce is good, but would it have been better with both siblings? Can filmmakers ever really claim to have solo projects? There are well-established dynamics to a musician splitting off from a group to make an album of their own, even when it requires a new set of supporting musicians. But while there are...

Salem’s Lot | Warner Bros has another filmed yet unreleased film, decision time looming (

The new Salem's Lot movie finished filming at the end of 2021: but there remains no sign of a release. If you’re keeping score, then it’s currently two films that Warner Bros has made in the last few years, that it’s elected to deleted and take the tax write-off. The fate of a third is surely about to be determined too....

Spaceman Review - Empire magazine (

Adam Sandler is a lonely astronaut whose strained marriage is helped by an alien spider, voiced by Paul Dano. The occasionally spotty quality of his filmography means it’s easy to forget that Adam Sandler is one of the most talented actors of his generation. Though there have been some dramatic turns over the years, Sandler is...

Highlights of the 2024 Berlin International Film Festival (

The Berlinale opens with a film starring Cillian Murphy, amid a competition featuring more diversity — and a jury led by Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o. Taking place from February 15-25, the 74th Berlinale kicks off on Thursday with the world premiere of "Small Things Like These," an Irish-Belgian production directed by...

Lilly Wachowski Sets Solo Feature Debut ‘Trash Mountain’ Starring Caleb Hearon (

Lilly Wachowski, one of the directors of "The Matrix" and "Speed Racer," has set her new film, "Trash Mountain," with comedian Caleb Hearon to star. The film follows a young gay man living in Chicago who returns to his hometown in Missouri following the death of his hoarder father....

Bradbury Building (article) (

From Double Indemnity to Blade Runner, LA's Bradbury Building forms the quintessential film noir backdrop. There used to be a sign on the blank wall neighbouring Los Angeles' Bradbury Building that read "CANADA". When it appeared in Blade Runner in 1981, the CA had been removed leaving the word NADA. Very dark. Very noir. Very...

Looking to the other side: Dismantlement and reimposition of borders in Sicario and The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (academic) (

Recent political events, such as the “Title 42” expulsions, have led to growing prominence in United States-Mexico border discourses. The Trump Administration used the law during the COVID-19 pandemic to remove migrants from the Mexican border, resulting in family separations and the denial of protection to asylum seekers....

Francis Ford Coppola's Megalopolis: Everything We Know (

'The Godfather' director is ready to release his passion project—which is now 40 years in the making. Francis Ford Coppola is finally ready to cut the ribbon on Megalopolis. The Godfather director has been working on his passion project sporadically since the '80s, but now he seems ready to release the film later this year....

A Very British Haunting (

There are not that many British films from the 1930s and 1940s about ghosts and haunted houses and the ones that do stand out are primarily comedies like The Ghost Goes West (1935), The Ghost Train (1941), Blithe Spirit (1945) and Things Happen at Night (1948). Still, there have been a few U.K. features that took a more serious...

AI afterlife, robot romance, and slow-burn slashers: the best of Sundance 2024 (

AI is the buzzword of the moment, and nowhere seems to be safe — even film festivals. This year’s edition of Sundance was a prime example. Multiple documentaries about the past and present of artificial intelligence made an appearance, and at least one film — the dark comedy Little Death — utilized generative AI as an...

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