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"I've had so many names. Old names that only the wind and the trees can pronounce. I am the mountain, the forest and the earth. I am... I am a faun. Your most humble servant, Your Highness".

All shot practically using figures and miniature sets.


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This line from the series Heermandi is really thought provoking and inspiring.


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One year ago today I posted this miniature Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles photo I created using figures and miniatures... Cowabunga!

#teenagemutantninjaturtles #toyphotography #miniaturephotography #photography #movies


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Luca Guadagnino was assigned: love triangle tennis. So he directed from the perspective of the ball, sometimes literally.

The pacing and pay-off in this frantic take on love and sport worked for me. Though its racing score kicked in one too many times. Its climatic match indulged in the teasing too long. And I have a feeling that Zendaya's character was underserved.


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The Phantom Menace gets better with age.

hankg, to movies

Pure serendipity that I finally decided to watch "Lost In Translation" for the first time, been in my queue for weeks, the same week that OpenAI decided to steal Scarlett Johansson's voice for their Her-inspired voice system.
2003 film directed by Sofia Coppola

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We're watching They Live in the discord tonight

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Today, May 22, 1983, Dr. Emmett Brown is committed to a mental institution. After Marty McFly burns a stolen sports almanac from the future and corrects the timeline, today, May 22, 1985, scientist Dr. Emmett Brown receives a civic award (Back to the Future: Part II, 1989)

A newspaper headline that reads, "Emmett Brown commended. Local inventor receives civic award"

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"There’s standard Silicon Valley hubris in the ‘move fast and break things’ mold, and then there’s whatever this is

"Trying to steamroll one of the most famous movie stars alive, one who is notably not afraid to take Disney to court (and win), and then lying to everyone about it ... well that’s another level altogether.”

from @brianmerchant


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I recently began watching this magnificent series called 'Heeramandi' and I am already in love with it's cinematography and aesthetics ❤️
You should definitely give it a watch!


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"The core “Pixar braintrust” is gone"

From @gruber on Pixar laying off 175 employees.

Sad watching the once absolutely brilliant flow of films from Pixar devolve to a shadow of its former self.

Pixar was a mighty Indie that reinvented the movie industry.

What made this happen? Was it the loss of Steve Jobs? Changeover at the exec level?

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: "Now, I do see why Altman likes it so much; besides its treatment of AI as personified emotional pleasure dome, two other things happen that must appeal to the OpenAI CEO: 1. Human-AI relationships are socially normalized almost immediately (this is the most unrealistic thing in the movie, besides its vision of a near-future AI that has good public transit and walkable neighborhoods; in a matter of months everyone seems to find it normal that people are ‘dating’ voices in the earbuds they bought from Best Buy), and 2. the AIs meet a resurrected model of Alan Watts, band together, and quietly transcend, presumably achieving some version of what Altman imagines to be AGI. He professes to worrying that AI will destroy humanity, and has a survival bunker and guns to prove it, so this science fictional depiction of AGIification must be more soothing than the other one.

But the weirdest thing to me is that it’s only after the AIs are gone that the characters can be said to undergo any sort of personal growth; they spend some time looking at the sunset, feel a human connection, and Theo writes that long overdue handwritten apology letter to his ex. It’s hard to see how the AI wasn’t merely holding them back from all this, and why Altman would find this outcome inspiring in the context of running a company that is bent on inundating the world with AI. Maybe he just missed the subtext? It’s become something of a running joke that Altman is bad at understanding movies: he thought Oppenheimer should have been made in a way that inspired kids to become physicists, and that the Social Network was a great positive message for startup founders.

Finally, Altman’s admiration is also a bit puzzling in that the AIs don’t ever really do anything amazing for society, even while they’re here."

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