The danger of boolean flags in object methods (

Developers like to use booleans as flags. They're a convenient way to indicate something as on/off, true/false, yes/no. But the problem is that booleans are not clear from calling code exactly what they do. For example: Does anyone in the calling scope have any idea what the defining scope is doing? Absolutely not. The flag

Iconv, set the charset to RCE: Exploiting the glibc to hack the PHP engine (part 1) (

A few months ago, I stumbled upon a 24 years old buffer overflow in the glibc, the base library for linux programs. Despite being reachable in multiple well-known libraries or executables, it proved rarely exploitable — while it didn't provide much leeway, it required hard-to-achieve preconditions. Looking for targets lead...

Air Traffic Control: Routing microservices with a single Nginx server (

In my last post I talked about linking microservices together inside a single Docker network for easy communication between the services. For web developers, this poses an interesting problem: if we want to access the services from our local machines, we need to deal with the fact that we can't have multiple machines bound to

PHP's Magic Methods | php[architect] (

As PHP developers, we need to know a lot of language features to make our code easy to write and maintain. Without explicitly being told about a part of the language, it’s hard to even know it exists, so today, we’re going to discuss the magic methods our classes have and how we should use […]

How to Handle Getters When They Have Nothing to Return? (

Software development often presents dilemmas, such as how to handle situations when a getter has nothing to return. In this article, we'll explore three strategies for implementing getters in PHP, which affect the structure and readability of code, each with its own specific advantages and…

Cool features of Swiss Knife (

When using a Swiss knife, we think of a tool with many practical abilities. They're useful for different situations we might experience in the wild. Opening a box of milk? Here is a knife. Cutting wood to start a fire? Here is a chainsaw. Are the letters on the paint bucket too tiny? Try this magnifying class. Now, we apply the...

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