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Explore How Symfony Station was built: an adventurous exploration of layout solutions. It’s an adventure story (aka case study) of how Symfony Station was built and the research behind each decision. It also functions as our about page. 🙂

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symfonystation, to Symfony avatar
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symfonystation, to Symfony avatar

Do you own or work for an organization looking for promotion opportunities in the PHP, Drupal, and Symfony communities? If so, please contact us. We’d love to work with you.

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🖥 A Week of Symfony (15-21 April 2024)

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🇩🇪We are Glad to Announce Viktor Pikaev for the #Symfony_live Berlin 2024 in June!
📣 He will Present in English: "Using container's features to manage complexity"
➡️ Have a look :
🎟️Take your Ticket to Join us at :

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Have an idea for an article for us to write on Symfony Station? Contact us here on the Fediverse! And please sign up for our “newsletter” to get the latest news communiques and original content delivered to your inbox.

#Symfony #PHP #Drupal

#Drupal #PHP #symfony

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Explore today's @SymfonyStation Communiqué of Symfony, Drupal, PHP, Fediverse, and Cybersecurity news. #Symfony #SymfonyCasts #PHP #Drupal #Cybersecurity #Fediverse 🇺🇦

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Les retours sur nos formations parlent d'eux-mêmes. , @ApiPlatform, , , ou encore FrankenPHP... Parcourez notre catalogue de formations et échangeons sur vos objectifs de montée en compétences :

Formateur très pédagogue qui prend le temps d'expliquer et de reformuler lorsque l'on ne comprend pas.

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Am I the only one being sad about so many projects moving away from YAML configs towards attributes? #SyliusDays

Skoop, avatar

Having said that, I like how Sylius is making steps to get closer to #Symfony #SyliusDays

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symfonystation, to Symfony avatar
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Avez-vous vu notre compte rendu du dernier #Symfony_Live Paris ? On vous dévoile les récentes contributions de l’écosystème #Symfony ainsi que les bonnes pratiques qu'ont partagé les speakers de cet événement.

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From the Symfony book: Symfony comes built-in with an Event Dispatcher Component. A dispatcher dispatches certain events at specific times that listeners can listen to. Listeners are hooks into the framework internals.

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Today I was looking for the docs of a feature I contributed to and found a blog post where I am mentioned that I haven’t even seen yet :-D Eh, in case you need to execute a command with inherited CLI settings: Here you go ^^

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