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Hi, I'm Reuben, the Ringmaster of Mobile Atom Media and Code ( Symfony Station ( is my latest venture. I moderate the Symfony magazine here ( and created the Symfony Universe Collection. (

A graduate of the Univ. of Georgia and an MA graduate of Georgia State, I live in Orlando. My full-stack developer certification is from the Univ. of Central Florida.

Containerization Tips and Tricks for PHP apps (

API Platform was one of the first PHP frameworks to provide native support for Docker, Docker Compose, Kubernetes, and, more recently, Skaffold. The API Platform skeleton also served as the basis for Symfony Docker, the most popular solution for containerizing Symfony projects. These years of developing skeletons compatible with...

Simplifying releases with a single Zip (

As we continue to evolve and adapt to the global e-commerce landscape, we are implementing changes to streamline our operations and enhance our project’s trajectory. In 2022, we aimed to make PrestaShop a company-neutral open source project. Today, while keeping the project neutral, we are changing how we distribute the...

The danger of boolean flags in object methods (

Developers like to use booleans as flags. They're a convenient way to indicate something as on/off, true/false, yes/no. But the problem is that booleans are not clear from calling code exactly what they do. For example: Does anyone in the calling scope have any idea what the defining scope is doing? Absolutely not. The flag

Iconv, set the charset to RCE: Exploiting the glibc to hack the PHP engine (part 1) (

A few months ago, I stumbled upon a 24 years old buffer overflow in the glibc, the base library for linux programs. Despite being reachable in multiple well-known libraries or executables, it proved rarely exploitable — while it didn't provide much leeway, it required hard-to-achieve preconditions. Looking for targets lead...

How To Fix Drupal Issues With Git Patches Using 'Git Apply Patch' Command (

Have you ever faced any problems on your Drupal websites coming from Drupal core, its contributed modules and themes or do you want to enhance their functionality as per your requirement which can't be possible through your custom modules? As you know we can't apply code directly there, then what could be the solution for this?...

DbToolsBundle, enfin un outil pour utiliser légalement nos données de prod en local (

"Nul n'est censé ignorer la loi", commençons donc par une piqûre de rappel : Il est illégal d'utiliser les données personnelles de vos utilisateurs ailleurs que sur la prod. Plus précisément, le RGPD1 indique que : Les données à caractère personnel doivent être : traitées

Transitioning from Drupal 7 to Backdrop CMS · Greg Boggs (

As the impending end of life for Drupal 7 draws near, the necessity for website owners to consider their migration options becomes increasingly urgent. While the prevailing trend in the Drupal community leans towards transitioning to Drupal 10 to leverage its modern features, some are hesitant due to the associated costs....

Symfony Station Communiqué - 24 May 2024 | Symfony Station (

Welcome to this week's Symfony Station communiqué. It's your review of the essential news in the Symfony and PHP development communities focusing on protecting democracy. That necessitates an opinionated Butlerian jihad against big tech as well as evangelizing for open-source and the Fediverse. We also cover the cybersecurity...

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