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Dumb question: how do I know if an open source project is trustworthy?

Some background: I’m a software developer, and I’ve never really participated in the open source software community before. (i.e. I don’t contribute to open source projects, I don’t know anyone who does, and I don’t really know anything about the companies who start these projects to begin with, or what their...

[History] An editor letter by Edsger Dijkstra, titled: "go to statements considered harmful" (march 1968). (

In this letter, Dijkstra talks about readability and maintainability in a time where those topics were rarely talked about (1968). This letter was one of the main causes why modern programmers don’t have to trouble themselves with goto statements. Older languages like Java and C# still have a (discouraged) goto statement,...

Making an libncurses fronted for the Fediverse? (For browing Lemmy websites on terminal [emulators])

Can someone please help me understand how one could make his own frontend for the Ferdiverse? It seems like to run on a bespoke protocol, and has HTTP endpoints as well. The help says you can create your own frontend, divorced of HTTP. What I am wary of is the documentation being out-of-date....

How to Increase Test Coverage with Tracing (

What is Test Coverage? Test Coverage vs Code Coverage What is the gap to have a true test coverage? How can tracing data improve test coverage? Relation between end-to-end tests and Tracing data Let’s get our hands dirty with real code Write integration test using MockWebServer Write end-to-end tests without mocking...

Has someone made some sort of "Lion's" for this? (DOS source code made public by mini$haft 2 weeks ago!) (

I mean “Lion’s commentary on the UNIX source”. This badly needs it. Not some first-class grifter Chud like LowLevelLearning who pronounces GNU as “Gee-enn-u” blowing his soy packets all over Youtube’s UDP packets (I actually did a ‘Don’t Recommend Channel’ on him, knows shit and talks big) but someone who...

What happens to FIPS/UNICODE/IETF/ISO/ANSI etc. in a post-US world? (Warning: slightly political)

A post-US world which we are quickly approaching (again, no chud crap, go away) has a lot of complications for standards put forward by regulatory bodies of America, which all countries follow – mostly because when these standards were created, these countries, even the most technologically-advanced (e.g. France) were behind...

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