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Apple's wearable ideas include smart glasses and cameras in your ears

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“So 2024 seems like the place where the rubber hits the road. If there are real use cases for , ones that save businesses money, perhaps will be on the path to . But if these tools come into widespread use and lead to bad publicity, lawsuits, and congressional hearings, with minimal productivity gains, the trough of disillusionment may be coming — and it might be very deep”

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Google paused AI chatbot Gemini’s ability to generate images after a segment of users complained of historical inaccuracies. Tech Crunch says it appears Google “had implemented clumsy hardcoding under the hood to attempt to 'correct' for biases in its model.”

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Come on. This push to summarize all webpages and written content with is ridiculous.

See this example from Search - in what world is this an adequate summary for an 8,000+ word article that takes 43 minutes to read?

The amount of detail, specificity, narrative, and actual arguments that get lost is mind-boggling.

Everything is just… flattened to the most basic and bare-bones facts.

Every unique part of that piece, every voice, personality - stripped away.

Search Engine Land How to 'un-ruin' the internet: The ultimate guide for SEOs Amid unfair industry blame for the failings of the modern web, we aim to challenge stereotypes and spotlight real individuals in SEO. Mariya Delano on November 17, 2023 at 9:00 am | Reading time: 43 minutes

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So a lot of the fun of a LLM AI is pushing the borders and seeing what it can talk about and what it will refuse to talk about. With Gemini any questions about Hamas are rejected completely. It will talk about Islamic Jihad or Israel, but if you include the word Hamas in any question or search this is the result you get...

Now it is easy to imagine why.... or is it? Is there any controversy about the fact that Hamas is a terrorist organization that rapes, mutilates, and burns alive innocent civilians? Or that Hamas is currently holding over 100 innocent hostages, including children? Or that Hamas controls the media inside of Gaza and that Western media shamelessly report its lies as if they were facts established by a responsible government?

But little evidence of these truths is found in the media now. So it is probably for the best that the Gemini LLM refuses to answer any question about Hamas as the average answer would be a propagandistic lie.

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I just realized that the "What if" machine from Tales of Interest in Futurama 100% exists now. It's called "AI" 😂

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Alan Ayckbourn was ahead of the curve in predictions of AI-created TV soaps | Letters

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🪼… There is no life, I know
To compare with pure imagination
Living there, you'll be free
If you truly wish to be …🪼

TIL Spurious Correlations now uses AI to generate explanations, papers, and images for the best correlations (

The heightened state of unease over the possibility of a 'Con Air' sequel resulted in an influx of security personnel. It just goes to show, when it comes to Nic Cage, the need for increased security is always 'Raising Arizona.'

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has anyone looked into how much a chip/board costs? i submitted an inquiry, but i don’t think they’re going to get back to me. curious how many digits are on the price tag per unit…

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CEO of will share "The revolution: Navigating Challenges and Crafting Ethical Solutions for Software" at .

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My story "The Iron Wedding Ring" can be found in the new anthology from JayHenge Publishing, "AI, Robot".

Note these stories are about AI, not written by AI.

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Honor's Magic 6 Pro launches internationally with AI-powered eye tracking on the way

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Here's a reminder to always think of the unspoken negative environmental justice impact, when people speak of :

"We’re still dealing with the effects of the pandemic (...) not even to mention the climate chaos ravaging the world.

Instead of responding to those challenges, the tech industry has decided their next big thing is AI. They want us to believe they’re focused on real issues, but are really hyping up investors to keep the money flowing" via @parismarx

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"Gemini is just software. While it might do things that the people who made the software didn't consider, it can still only do what they designed it to do, even unintentionally."

's Apology for Its Gemini Image Debacle Reveals a Much Deeper Culture Problem for the Company

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"Mistakes by these [machine learning] models are inevitable, certainly. They hallucinate, they reflect biases, they behave in unexpected ways. But the responsibility for those mistakes does not belong to the models — it belongs to the people who made them."

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" is impossible to eliminate hallucination in LLMs".

That's why I keep emphasizing to proofread AI generated content before publishing and to add USP. Both points are important and should not be missed.

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Spoutible, an alternative twitter platform, is testing "Accuracy Alerts" created by AI for posts with false or misleading claims.

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VR/MR now:

  • Screen on your face
  • AirPods in your ears
  • Hand controls/gestures

VR future:

  • Neuro implants
  • Actually taste food, smell roses, feel textures
  • Everyone can hear, see, run, fly, etc.

Might take many years, but I do think it's coming.

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: "In prompt engineering, task decomposition means breaking a complex task into smaller, more manageable components. There are several reasons why this is beneficial:

  • Most AI tools have limitations on the amount of text they can process at once.
  • Large inputs can hurt accuracy, cause memory issues, or lead to the AI getting “lost” in the complexity.
  • Proceeding in smaller chunks allows you to course-correct issues along the way for a better end result.
  • Precision: Smaller prompts give you more control over the AI’s output. You can provide tailored instructions for each step, directing the final result with greater accuracy.

Understanding how to break down complex tasks is essential for interacting effectively with AI tools. Even outside of prompt engineering, we do this naturally in many settings. Writing documentation often starts with a simple outline, expanding into greater detail over time. Similarly, a complex codebase is built through incremental steps, adding components over time. Learning to identify those smaller steps within a complex problem is fundamental to working with AI tools.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn to create a complex tree diagram (in ASCII text) from a JSON block. Breaking this task down into smaller steps will make it easier for the AI to process and will ultimately yield a more accurate and visually appealing diagram."

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A fantasy heaven in space, according to Bing Image Creator.

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Longish thread.

We are life long obsessive fans of A.A. Milne and Winnie The Pooh (but not Disney's). I even have a 100 acre wood. They weren't read to me. I had elocution lessons when young in order to ameliorate an 'antipodean twang' and still remember most of them by heart. My daughter did not like it when she found me not reading from the book and was sure I was making it all up. More on this in a bit. /1

nf3xn, avatar

But it turns out for me and for daughters - Authenticity matters. Nobody is suggesting that AA was a brilliant reader of books though it is rather jolly to think that this is what it would have sounded like to Christopher. I might be wrong but it is 'just not the same' as she said all those years ago. /fin

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