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Der @meldrian war so begeistert von dem NewGRF "Wasteland" für das wunderbare , dass er sogleich ein Angespielt-Video daraus gezaubert hat, um euch dieses -Schmankerl aus dem Fallout-Universum, näher zu bringen.

Selbstredent unter und :

Kurz Angespielt: OpenTTD 13.4 (NewGRF: Wasteland 0.5.0 - HowTo Städtewachstum)


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Anyone tried Kanata? https://github.com/jtroo/kanata

Or Kmonad?

What are your thoughts? I'm looking for a macro keymapper for

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Starting today, I'm going to rate all commands. Let us begin with cowsay.

PERSONAL RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

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Anyone know of a good music library manager for Mobile Linux? (esp. Phosh/GNOME)

I like the aesthetic and background playback features of Amberol, but it can't do playlists or scrobble my listens to last.fm. I like the functionality of Lollypop, but it crashes too much and the UI/UX is awful.

Here's my criteria:

  • Adaptive for mobile/touch
  • Scrobble to last.fm
  • Playlists/Artists/Albums
  • Background Playback

Also being pretty would be nice.

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: Try Out Multiple Distributions via the Terminal :terminal:


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Red Hat Refines Beta Release Cycle for RHEL Minor Updates

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Recovering my free oracle cloud (aarch) VM was a bit more hastle; I hadn't set a root password, so I couldn't login on the console; in the end I had to create a (free) x86 VM, swing the aarch boot device to a 2nd block device on the x86, set a root password in the aarch disc and delete the knackered systemd-networking config. Life would have been a lot easier if they'd just included a rescue image.

tallship, to gentoo

Now here's something really special - I don't come across things so refreshingly kewl this often. I follow and test with AlienBob's Ktown endowed LiveSlack CDs but I've been running my own installed from scratch Slackware -current workstations (or moving them to new machines) that I've continued maintain w/bleeding edge software for many years.

This is more like the latter (My warm and fuzzy, just how I like it, personal OS install) than the former (LiveSlack CD) - You're getting the benefit of seeing how someone else sets up their machine to incorporate their daily business flow, with all the kewl tweaks and progs right there for you to moll over. You can run it as/is or take it as a starting point to diverge from, incorporating your own style and improvements for years to come.

You prolly wanna bookmark this for sure and I know that I'mma spin this up myself this week!

A couple of things that I feel are pertinent to mention:

  • You start off with a running system, like any , but already tweaked with plenty of customization and integrations to make this a plug and play daily driver right out of the gate.
  • It's a great way to skip over the parts that led you to believe it was too much work to justify getting started with .

h/t to @mid_kid - You can haz ! 🍔



RE: https://fosstodon.org/users/mid_kid/statuses/111992204446239696


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A scribing device that costs but a few coins at the Walled Market can serve you well on . https://cromwell-intl.com/open-source/canon-pixma-printer-scanner.html?s=mc

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6.8 x86/urgent Update Beefs Up Protection Against Side Channel CPU Bugs


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Ephraims Wochenrückblick: KW 8, 2024

FOSS News aus KW 8 - von lang erwarteten GIMP News bis Signal.


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im trying to record a terminal session, but just the input so i can easily turn it into a shell script.

i've seen the script command already, but the output always seems to be some jangled mess rather than useful output :(

anyone got some pointers?

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This is my #smartphone #homescreen. I'd prefer a #linuxphone, but this is what I have for the time being. 🤓

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And this is my #laptop #desktop. Pretty happy with that. 😝️ #linux

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Did a quick rough check:

  • 65 CVE announcements from Greg so far

  • 55 of those refer to a mainline commit

  • 10 of those were marked for backporting to stable/longterm

And that's why Greg backports a lot of mainline commits to stable/longterm that are not tagged for backporting -- and why "only backport changes mainline developers[1] tagged for backporting" is a bad idea.

[1] reminder, such tagging is optional, as participation in stable/longterm is optional

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What is x86-64-v3? - You may have heard Linux pundits discussing x86-64-v3. Can recompiling Linux code ... - https://hackaday.com/2024/02/25/what-is-x86-64-v3/

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boilingsteam, to linux
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Enjoyed watching Alice Rhyl talk about the challenges rewriting the Binder driver (and Android RPC iirc) in in the kernel


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