Rangers F.C.

Jonny, in No update or posts from me from 22nd to Jan 2nd.
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I'm back bb!

Jonny, in HIGHLIGHTS | Rangers 1-0 Aberdeen | RANGERS WIN LEAGUE CUP!!!!!
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Jonny, in Highlights | Motherwell 0-5 Rangers Women
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Also fantastic for Jane Ross to get her goal on her first day back on the pitch after being out injured for over 500 days!

Jonny, in Highlights | Motherwell 0-5 Rangers Women
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Another good result! It's nice that the women's team are still going strong and remaining at the top of the table. Would be nice if the men's team could take a few notes.

Jonny, in Highlights: Rangers 3-1 Dundee
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Because I always watch the match, I've never really seen the SPFL highlights Youtube videos before posting them here. I am so confused why they are such poor quality? The 1080p setting looks no better than the 480p one.

I wish I could post the official Rangers ones, but alas they are behind a pay wall. So linking them would only work for someone who subscribes to RTV, and probably already watched them if they wanted to.

Jonny, in FT: Rangers 3 - 1 Dundee
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Shocking from the ref. Good on Clements for continuing to tell him off while getting a yellow from it. Ref really went out his way to make the second half as dire as possible.

Next two games will be tough, and probably a couple of our most important matches this season. With all the injuries, I'm only very nervous...

Jonny, in 💙 #RangersFC are once again proud to join clubs across the UK in endorsing the Rainbow Laces campaign in support of the LGBTQ+ community.
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Not linking to xwitter, because quite frankly fuck xwitter.

Jonny, in Danilo out, may need surgery. Lawrence out until at least the winter break.
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Jonny, in Hearts 0-1 Rangers: Match Highlights
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Another match where if we had someone who could finish, we would have been 7-0 up.

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