cwgrody, to rangers avatar

Is Adolis Garcia going to hit a home run every day? @baseball @baseball

morettiphd, to baseball avatar
64bithero, to rangers avatar

Islanders are not skilled enough to play Patrick Roy’s defense style. They are just to unorganized to slow and poor stick handlers.

MacNaBracha, to Football avatar

The email for the CEO of the Scottish Football Association for anyone wishing to let him know, constructively, of their displeasure at recent incidents of sectarianism and violence in Scottish football.

#SFPL #ScottishCup #HateSpeech #football #Scotland #sectarianism #Rangers #Hibs #racism #MastoDaoine

thejapantimes, to soccer avatar

Japan forward Daizen Maeda scored his fourth goal of the season in the Scottish Premiership on Wednesday as Celtic trounced Dundee 7-1 at home.

zebibyte, to Youtube avatar

6 - isles 5 (OT)

I’m so bummed out that I didn’t get to see this come-from-behind victory on live TV. ☹️:blobcatcry: .. it ain’t the same watching the highlights on . Did anyone see if coach Brian Daboll 🇨🇦 was at the stands?

Planning to purchase the white jersey!

Said it before & I’ll keep saying it, New York Rangers; Kings of .

@hnom @nfl


MikeDunnAuthor, to IWW avatar

Today in Labor History December 24, 1936: On Christmas Eve, drunk cops beat up 150 strikers on the Houston docks, sending 18 to the hospital. They were members of the Maritime Federation of the Gulf Coast. Gilbert Mers, who had dual membership in the Maritime Federation and the IWW, was their leader. Violence against dockers was rampant along the gulf coast in the 1930s. In July 1934, three black longshoremen were shot to death during a strike. In 1935, longshoremen struck along the entire gulf coast, with 14 more workers getting killed. From 1936 to 1938, 28 union members were killed and over 300 injured in strikes. Mers’ autobiography, “Working the Waterfront: The Ups and Downs of a Rebel Longshoreman,” was published in 1988, ten years before his death, at age 90. As a young man, Mers worked the docks in Corpus Christi, but went on to become President of the Corpus Christi Central Labor Council and the President of the Maritime Federation of the Gulf Coast, while remaining a dedicated dual member of the IWW throughout his life. He was part of the effort to establish an industry-wide union along the Gulf Coast states. In his autobiography, he exposes the brutality and corruption of the Texas Rangers in the 1930s-‘40s, and their use as violent, strike-breaking bullies with badges.


zebibyte, to rangers avatar

😂😂😂 TD Garden was booing the for holding the puck … seconds later they all left the building. Just glad I made it home to watch some.

2 - Boston 1 (OT) @hnom 🗽🏒

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christianschwaegerl, (edited ) to climate avatar

Start your week with something positive: Indonesian women have formed a rainforest patrol to protect the Leuser ecosystem, and it works in many respects.

zebibyte, to rangers avatar


So we’re playing against Boston tomorrow at 1pm ET (10am PT) from Madison Square Garden, to me that’s the real test on where we are as a team. So far we’re 14-3-1 .. Peter Laviolette doing a phenomenal job with the getting us organized. @hnom

UrquhartMP, to rangers avatar

It's only one dang run.

DocTellMeMore, to baseball

Beatdown in Phoenix - Texas up 10-0 with all 10 runs coming with 2 outs.

Looks like Arizona is going to have to try to become the 7th team to rally from a 3-1 deficit in the WS. The most recent was my Cubbies in 2016.

DocTellMeMore, to baseball

Texas jumps out to an early 5-0 lead

Seager with his 3rd HR of the series and probably the current front runner for MVP


rawchili, to Hockey avatar
Archnemysis, to rangers avatar

Marte extends his streak with a two run single!!!!!

BeisbolCards, to rangers

Whoa, nasty inside pitch by Merrill Kelly to strike out Jonah Heim looking and end the 7th inning with only 89 pitches.

4 1 End 7th

clmerle, to rangers avatar

Watching the World Series because I live in Arizona and I have relatives in Texas. The Diamondbacks are up 4 to the Rangers 1 in the top of the 7th in game 2. Rangers won the first game yesterday. I think I’ll root for the DBacks.

sanjaromin, to rangers

Garver wants to keep the in the game, so he hits a towering dinger & cuts the lead in half
Texas 1

emarktaylor, avatar

@Ashley @baseball @baseball

Apparently this is who I'm listening to:

Announcer Schedules @announcerskeds
World Series Game 1
8:03 pm ET/7:03 pm CT
MLB International Feed

Dave Flemming (pbp) &
Ryan Spilborghs (analyst)

fluxed, to rangers avatar

or ?

"When it comes to supporting the community in ... it’s one of the biggest mismatches in history...

The Rangers are the only team in baseball that still doesn’t host a Night.

The general consensus is that many people who work with the Rangers want to host a Pride Night, but someone very powerful in ownership is dead set against it."

OgieOgilthorpe, to Dodgers avatar

The #Dodgers might not have made the #MLB #WorldSeries and that bummed me out.
But the #Astros not making it after losing to the #Rangers made me happy.

Galley, to rangers avatar

The Rangers lead 8-2 in the 4th with only one out! 😮

PhilRedbeard, to Phillies

Well damn the lost. Game 7 tomorrow. In the other Game 7: Go !

PhilRedbeard, to rangers

Texas #Rangers win! Game 7 tomorrow will be nuts. #Baseball

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