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Never reproach another for his love:
It happens often enough
That beauty ensnares with desire the wise
While the foolish remain unmoved.

  • Hávamál

Even the Vikings knew you should let people enjoy shit.



Doctor of journalism. Law-talking guy. Chaotic good. Band dad. Fan of bad sports teams. avatar


He / Him 🇺🇸 These toots are mine own. Native New Yorker. 🗽 Video games fan; currently on Final Fantasy VIII remastered (2019) & back to playing Metal Gear Solid 5 (2015) The DC Universe will start in 2024, ending the #DCEU. #DCU I don’t like talking about politics but I cannot stand by without pointing out the mischiefs from that orange gorilla, the trump. 🦧 🇺🇸 ( 🇵🇪 + 🇮🇹 ) ❊|::::| Be vigilant of online scammers! |::::|❊ ❊|::::| ¡sɹǝɯɯɐɔs ǝuıluo ɟo ʇuɐlıɓıʌ ǝᙠ |::::|❊ avatar


The #polycrisis is here! #Stoicism, #Solarpunk, #Python, #craftBeer, #mezcal, #Scotch, #donuts, #SonoranHotDogs, #fountainPens, #ᏣᎳᎩ. #Allerdings!


Passive/Aggressive Stoic

I like learning languages. I speak none fluently, but I have fun doing it. #Gaelic (#Gàidhlig), #Spanish, #Japanese, #German, #Ukrainian, #Cherokee
Okay, I’m a freelance web developer if that’s relevant. Citizen of the #CherokeeNation. avatar


#esport, #podróże, #F1, #NASCAR #fotografia, #PilkaNozna, #IT
#giereczkowo dla

Toots mostly in polish avatar


Information security faker/impostor
Aging video game curmudgeon
Fond rememberer of Mac System 7.5.3 - MacOS 9.2.2
BeOS 4lyf sorta
Unwashed dual-booting linux user #kubuntu
Slave to political news
Low-key wordler
Lycra enjoyer 🚴‍♂️
Quasi-smug EV afficianado
Friend to Orcas (just in case they escalate the boat ramming thing)
OG #nufc supporter
#acfc #nwsl

Avatar is a picture of me holding my orange tabby Winston. Banner image is an AI-generated 1950s living room avatar


Migrated off that other place after 14 years. Been here for a bit now and kind of like it. Still not sure what to put in the bio though. Primarily a lurker with a dash of replies on interesting topics. I repost / boost others frequently. To only see posts I write and not those I boost, click the setting on my profile and select Disable Reposts. avatar


Gamer , Web Developer , Hockey Fan ,History Buff, Burrito Eater, a Real Human Bean … avatar


German web-developer, coding web-stuff since 2004.

#Eltmann #Hassberge #Unterfranken #Bayern

Wire: phpBO avatar

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#Journalism. Ethics. #Propaganda and Art. Historical Inquiry. #Transit and #UrbanPlanning. #Climate Science. #Sustainability. Technology and #Creativity. #Photography. #Media. #tfr. Politics and #Disinformation. Non-theist. 44.9778° N, 93.2650° W


Amateur MLB Analyst | #Mariners | #Seawolves (Rugby)| #Seahawks | #Hispanic | #Linux | #CRPS |#DisabledSocial | #stoic | #HamRadio

Same name on twt:

Telegram: Ubuntujason

Snapchat: jasonsgambit11

Boost ≠ endorsement

During sports gms, I hashtag the team name & sport_name Mastadon (ie nfl mastadon as 1 word). I encourage others to use the hashtag scheme mentioned above also so we can grow sports here! avatar


Fled Twitter 2023-07-02. Finding my way on Mastodon. avatar


Scottish Independence. Scottish never British. Scottish humour. Scottish sports. Scottish food. Bits of other non-Scottish stuff...and politics. Scottish politics obvs. #Detest RedBlueYellowTories. Nae Pasaran. Enjoy long-range backpacking and attempting to learn the Gàidhlig. Occasionally at the same time. Independence deniers please avoid me as we'll definitely clash and you'll come off worst. Instant block for the apron. #SCRM #CeltsForIndependence 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🇮🇪


Inhabitant of the best sports related Mastodon instance.

Watching the #Padres self-destruct. Mostly posting about #Baseball and #MLB but will get into other sports as needed. #ImmaculateGrid junkie.

My #TradingCards collection is in hiatus, mostly #BaseballCards

Random off-topic, #Caturday and #Music posts

También escribo en #Español

#Fedi22 avatar


🇩🇪 ü50, Familienmensch, Nordlicht, Kaffeetrinker, Nichtraucher, lieber Strand als Berge, Weserstadionbesucher, Hardcoregammler, Extremcoucher, Fediversebewohner seit 2018
#nobot avatar


(Rollen-)Spieler, Leser, Musizierender und Musik Konsumiereder, Backender, Sport interessierter, Katzenliebhaber. Deutsch / Englisch.

Ich übersetze derzeit Produkte für das Cthulhu Rollenspiel für den Pegasus Verlag.

Wer irgendwelchen Schrott von MidJourney, ChatGPT und Co postet, der wird konsequent geblockt. Sowas kommt mir nicht ins Haus. avatar


Dies ist kein offizieller Acount von #USP.
Hier werden nur öffentlich zugängliche Inhalte von Ultra Sankt Pauli und dem #FCSP geteilt. avatar


IT program management professional, editor, and musician (drummer). Recovering academic (formerly an Early Modernist). University of Detroit alumnus. Detroit sports fan. Now a Charlottean. I produce music with FOSS. I can also record drums for your songs. That guy dancing in the header photo is former Detroit Lions head coach Wayne Fontes.

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