Red Hat desktop engineering manager, Fedora ambassador, member of GNOME Foundation, supporter of Slavia Prague. This is an account where I post random pics. My primary Fediverse account is @sesivany. Interests: #Linux #desktop #opensource #Fedora #football #renewables #books #hiking #travelling

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sesivany, to rainbow

Double #rainbow in the sky. Our kids went wild.

sesivany, to Prague

The spring part of the season starts.

sesivany, to random
sesivany, to philosophy
sesivany, to random

2+ parking slots occupied. These cars are really ridiculous on European roads and parking lots.

sesivany, to random

Who would have thought that at the end of September pool season would still be in full swing.

sesivany, to random

Today's project: a proper roof for kid's playhouse.

sesivany, to random

The only one who loves the weather is the lawn.

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