Piracy Hot

Interesting hacker used my GF's name and YOB for password. Thoughts?

For starters, I used to live in a third-world country and have been pirating since about 8 thanks to my older bro, and to my knowledge, I never got a virus thanks to good practices and habits like vpn+ and staying only with a trusted tracker (and obviously some luck too). But I stopped when I grew older and made money. Except...

An increase in bad seeds on Bit Torrent?

So I’ve been grabbing a few shows I want to watch reruns of while playing Balatro that don’t have good blu ray releases. My piracy is fairly limited these days so I don’t bother with private trackers (do have a VPN though). In the past, I never really had an issue with grabbing a few one offs off the popular, maybe...

source for extras/featurettes

i like collecting any available extras, featurettes, commentary tracks, etc with any movie or show in my library, but more often than not i have a pretty hard time finding them. i know they’re sometimes on youtube, but it’s very hit and miss, especially with newer movies; and as they’re often included in bluray, iso rips...

Tdarr AMD GPU transcoding...how?

I’ve been trying to setup Tdarr to transcode using my AMD integrated GPU instead of my CPU, but all I’m finding online is people using nvidia cards…well, I don’t have one of those, but I have an AMD CPU with integrated gpu, so I wanted to use that, but apparently that’s extremely uncommon and I can’t find any working...

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