Red Lobster eyes bankruptcy option after $11M in losses from endless shrimp (

“Last year, Red Lobster reported $11 million in operating losses following its flubbed ‘Ultimate Endless Shrimp’ deal, which backfired when it reeled in too many customers after the limited-time promo became a permanent menu fixture last June. The restaurant chain later reported $12.5 million in losses in the fourth...

Matrix effect in terminal with FOSS icons (

Hi, I was playing with rusty-rain when I decided that it was a good idea to make a custom FOSS effect. For this I made a change in “sibling” project ezemoji PR and with a small local change in rusty-rain I got it. All icons are from Nerd Fonts, so if you know of some FOSS icon is missing let me know to add it in the PR, =).

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