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Spanish guy, who likes open source software and has just discovered the fediverse (as of 28th of April, 2022). I like video games, and indie and retro music. I’m a student. I’m officially diagnosed with ADHD and ASD since January, 2023.

America is a continent and Americans are people from that continent (Canadians, Usonians, Mexicans, Cubans, Argentinians, Brazilians...)

Mastodon user: https://mstdn.social/@icg937
Peertube user: https://video.hardlimit.com/a/ignacio/video-channels

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Well, after some very obscure search over internet, I found something that solves my issue (maybe yours too in case you want to install packages as user).

If you use Lubuntu (I don't know whether it works on other distributions), you have to go to the folder /home/[youruser]/.local/share/flatpak/repo/. There is a file there called config. Open it, and write something like this:


[remote "flathub"]

(By the way where it says true, I set it as false, thinking that was my issue).

Now, when I install OBS Studio as user, it lets me.

PS: if GPG verification is set as true, make sure you downloaded the flathub.gpg file from the repo and copied it to your local folder as flathub.trustedkeys.gpg and flathub-beta.trustedkeys.gpg

the mods have gone psycho over at reddit

someone on a subreddit said they had brain bleeding. i asked how it happened. a mod immediately removed it and said that it was an intrusive comment or some nonsense…i messaged them asking them to explain how, and i explained how i thought it would actually be beneficial for the readers if they decided to answer and that they...

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Only at reddit? Take a look at lemmy.ml or lemmygrad.ml.

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Why do people keep calling him Prime Minister when he's clearly President?

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Especially when there are rumours about Putin wanting to invade Narva region in Estonia. Will NATO stand with Estonia no matter what, or will NATO start acting for once?

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Me: Finally I have my ADHD under control, I feel so good.
My ASD: Hold my beer.

"I need to stop and reflect": the Spanish president, Pedro Sánchez, announces that he is considering resigning after starting an investigation into his wife (www.bbc.com) Spanish

The president of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, announced this Wednesday the suspension of his public activities to consider his possible resignation from office after a Madrid court accepted a complaint against his wife, Begoña Gómez, for a possible traffic crime. of influences....

Those with executive function issues and who take atomoxetine, did/do you go to therapy or do any meditation technique? Did/do you notice ED improvements with that combination?

Just what the title says. I'm taking atomoxetine since 13 months, and this week will be my first psychological session. I've severe ED issues, to the point I can't do almost anything productive (including meditation itself), no matter how much I want to.

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I'm not allowed to take ADHD stimulants.

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I don't know what that has something to do with what I asked, honestly.

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Firing doesn't exist in public service. Suspension of job and payment does, but only under circumstances specified in the law, which is not the case.

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If Budapest does not want a war, the tell your puppeteer Putin to leave Ukraine alone.

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Let me guess. Only for United States, right?

YouTube is finally cracking down on third-party apps that enable ad-blocking (alternativeto.net)

The company’s team clarified that their terms prohibit third-party apps from disabling ads, as it denies creators their due reward for viewership. Although the announcement did not specify any app by name, it’s plausible to presume that third-party YouTube apps such as NewPipe, YouTube ReVanced, Piped, and others might be...

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unless PeerTube finds a way to pay content creators

Google is a for-profit organization. Framasoft, which developed PeerTube, is a non-profit one. The only way to pay content creators is when people donate money to PeerTube and then PeerTube share that money with creators. Which is also difficult because there are no trackers to know internally who has more subscribers or which video has more views, etc. Internally as using a tracker, but you have to visit one by one every channel and every video to know its numbers.

Ignacio, (edited )
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A whole continent is the disease? Seriously?

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That's half of United States rather than half of America.

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There’s so much hostility

Same here, to be honest. Except for Beehaw, every other place seems like a no-mod/no-remember-the-human land.

I saw a recent post that 60% of playtime in 2023 was spent on games 6 years or older. What 6+ year old games are you playing?

I haven’t stopped playing Overwatch since it came out, still getting on with friends 2 or 3 nights a week and putting in a few hours (and I’m still awful lol). I also still log on to Battlefield 1943 from time to time to get in a few matches....

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I'm ripping and tearing in Doom 2 megawads... until it is done.

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