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The Lyrics Game - Where AI tests you lyrical prowess (

This is a new community I just discovered that I’m having a blast with. Images are generated using AI that’s fed the entire lyrics of a song. Test your lyrical chops by trying to decipher the small clues in the photo that are directly tied to the lyrics. It’s a blast....

ArtToCope - Art that you made to help deal with emotions (

ArtToCope is a subreddit I followed on Reddit for a long time, and one of the only communities I missed when I completely ditched Reddit for Lemmy. Recently, I talked to the moderator and we agreed that I should make a Lemmy community for it, as they had also wanted to move off Reddit....

Koalawalla Woods

Hi folks! After a number of months of pondering this and having a recent incident happen a few days ago where I couldn’t find another koala community, I had decided to go ahead and make a koala community on Lemmy. Since I’m already getting a lot of people checking it out, it seems Lemmy may have been in a dire need for this...

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