You misread the news, gulf stream is not collapsing, - it’s one of the small adjacent streams (very small in comparison with gulf). Still bad news though


ELI5 I know what the gulf stream is, but what will that do to civilization?

ThatWeirdGuy1001, avatar

Mass exodus. Mass famine. Water shortages. Resource wars. Lost technology.

Typical apocalypse stuff.

samus12345, avatar

Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes! The dead rising from the grave! Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!


Dogs AND cats living together? Now you’re just getting ridiculous


I've read that it will see another ice age when it collapses.

Neato avatar

We're in an ice age. This is pure pedantry but the correct term is glaciation.

But with climate change the earth will never experience another glaciation. It'll simply never get cold enough on it's own.


As long as we’re being pedantic, I take issue with your “never.”


Nothing. The rich will be rich, the poor will be poor, a few billion will die, and the PS7 will get released.

Business as usual.


what news are you reading? I’ve seen outlets post like a review of Barbie and maybe an article about its box office success. It’s definitely not taking over their coverage of other stuff.

faceless, avatar

it’s not going to collapse, but it will slow down


Doesn’t it change course?


Oh, thank you random person on the internet for that confident statement.

6xpipe_, avatar

Yeah, but the range is 2025-2090. With that kind of range, I don’t think it even makes sense to focus on the 2025 part.


Sums up our approach to the whole climate situation nicely.


someone else will fix it. Meanwhile, I'm not changing anything at all about what i do. Because, as i said, someone else will fix it.


Complaining about it on the internet is only adding to your carbon footprint. Be responsible. Do nothing.


If the scientists didn’t think it could happen in 2025, they wouldn’t have written it like that.

Yes it’s a wide range. No it doesn’t mean it won’t happen in 10 years.


Oh good we can just go back to doing nothing about it like we always do.

This is why gentle “don’t alarm the public” predictions are always a terrible idea, all they do is keep the frog calm while the water continues to boil. I’m sure we’ll find a solution by 2090… or 2095… Know what let’s give ourselves til 2100 for a nice even number.

It should absolutely terrify everyone that we may be 2 years out from climate collapse. Who cares about 2090, 2025 is right fucking there.

pulverizedcoccyx, (edited )

Okay but we’re fucked either way? Raise alarms to deaf ears and so much that everyone tunes it out for various reasons, or only start ringing the bell when it’s about to be too late. I guess the former gives more chance for change than the latter, but you see what I’m saying yea?

My analogy for this is car alarms that always go off when it’s not a real situation. It happens so much nobody even looks now real situation or not. The alarms are going off all around the world so often now I think many are just trying to tune it out best they can because it’s so damn intense and we can all see where this is going.


Scientists have been warning about climate change for decades, and still very little was done to avoid it or slow it down. Those who could do something about it just turned a blind eye, and now it’s too late.

Some fuckers chose profit over anything else, and now there’s nothing you and me can do about it. Telling everyone we’re all going to die won’t solve the problem, it’ll create a lot more problems instead.

Excrubulent, avatar

Okay doomer.


I laughed


To be fair it was just one study made by some fellow Danes... We're known for being drunk at all times haha. Jk. But yeah its one single study and I know it's been contested by other people in the field. Not saying the Barbie movie deserves so much attention, but then again I wouldn't know since I haven't seen it. Or read any of the articles about it. It's just not something that piques my interest.


I wouldn't pay to see it (not that I would pay for any media except music). But since I can see it for free, I'll probably watch it at some point. Dunno.


But but but UFOs…


That is such a non-story, too. I followed this when it first came to light back in June. r/UFOs hit the front page of reddit, and it was some “big news” that was forthcoming as reported by The Debrief. They ran like a several minute teaser for what was supposed to be an hours-long interview, and it turned out Grusch is just another “trust me bro, there’s aliens” “whistleblower.” There is no evidence in sight, as much as I wish there were.


They held that hearing the same time as another hearing of Ukrainians asking for aid. The scheduling of the UFO hearing was very much on purpose in my estimation. It’s a distraction. They’re only hearing it out because it can eat up news cycles like this. None of those Congress people actually think there’s anything to be learned

EremesZorn, (edited )

… Huh. Shit. That would explain why Gaetz and his compatriots, in every source I’ve read, seemed unusually adamant on dragging it out and demanding investigation. Delay or hide the meaningful discussion that may negatively impact their potential benefactors, as one of their goals is to deny or lessen aid to Ukraine.
That’s some interesting insight. Thanks.

norapink avatar

A lot of the proof is classified so he's only able to tell it to members of Congress with the proper security clearance. That's just the shitty way the US government is run, we're not allowed to know anything.


If they were serious about it they’d have held the hearing in a secure environment. It’s a dog-and-pony show.
Edit: Also, probably for reasons stated by another commenter I replied to.


I'm not 100% what you guys are talking about, but i assume it was some crackhead saying that the american government has an alien body or something. As far as I am concerned, I doubt we'll ever actually see any aliens, if they exist (and I believe they do). There is simply too much space for any alien critters to have contact with any other alien critters, or us. It's just too empty and vast.


It’s actually a higher-up military intelligence officer (Grusch) and two pilots (forget their names but they’re the fighter pilots that detected and pursued the alleged “Tic-Tac” UFO) that are undergoing a congressional hearing. Like, the entirety of Congress has convened to hear what these guys have to say.
The apparent reason why there’s no hard evidence being presented, or why Grusch isn’t going into more detail, is because the meeting is not secure. Hence why all the major news outlets are reporting on it.
That being said, if you’re not going to be a real whistleblower, like Snowden was, knowing you’re under threat of persecution or prosecution and willing to accept those consequences, why even open your mouth when you can’t give Congress the information they’re expecting?
That’s why it stinks like bullshit to me. That’s why I maintain this is another “trust me, aliens” bro.


This guy they’re talking to is supposed to be more credible than ol’ Georgie, there, but yeah.


What if… they’re here to take the last pics of a suiciding civilization? ✌️😁


That gulf stream study is just 1 study. Hardly 100% reliable. Unless its repeatable.

Also they say 2057 or so, was most likely


Yeah it said between 2025 and like 2095.

dojan, avatar

Cool! I get to act out my favourite film!

I wonder where I’ll find a sloth, a woolly mammoth that isn’t a meatball, and a sabre toothed tiger, though.


Ahh great. No need to worry then. Let’s just keep it business as usual people.


Mattel has teased at a Barbie sequel.

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