Alex Jones was Right?

I'm going to try to keep track of predictions made by Alex and covered on Knowledge Fight. This is not meant to be complete. I am not going to listen to every, or even any, Alex Jones shows to get his predictions.

I'm also not going to keep track of "predictions" about what people are thinking or planning. Especially if those plans can change if enough people listen to Alex's show or buy more of his products.

That doesn't leave a whole lot of actual predictions, but I'll add more as they come.

From 8 DECEMBER 2023 (KF 875)
"You don't make stuff up and, so what I'm saying here is Biden' a liability for them, Trump's a liability, what do they do? They have a right-winger, they'll claim, assassinate Biden. And they'll have a left-winger assassinate Trump. That then gets the country even in more of a fight against each other, and then they put in Gavin Newsome, uh, and, you know, somebody like Mike Pence or who knows? But I really think the next 13 months is the most critical time, not just in American history, but world history."

From 7 October 2023 (KF 858):
"I think Israel is going to blame Iran [for 7 October 2023 Hamas attacks on Israel] and I think Israel is gonna at least bomb Iran and maybe go to full war with Iran."

No time frame was given for this, but we'll see how it goes.

FROM 9 JULY 2023 (KF 827):
By 23 July 2023: Globalists will "announce delivery of F-16s, then it's gonna be Predator drones, then it's full war with NATO and Russia, not a proxy war, not a hybrid war."

Followed by a clarification:
"Within one month, Predator drones, Reaper drones." That would be by 9 August 2023.

UPDATE: None of these things happened. For anyone trying to make excuses for Alex and claiming that "announce delivery" just means they would announce future plans for using F-16s, that happened two months before this prediction.

UPDATE 2: Still no delivery of F-16s, but it's expected in Spring of 2024. Pretty sure July 2023 will not be happening again in the Spring of 2024.

From 1 APRIL 2004 (KF 882)

"I predict George Duuuuuuhbya will be our next llloord."

We have a correct prediction. He predicted the re-election of a sitting president and did it in maybe the dumbest way possible. So it is not impressive, but it is correct. Four stars. Go home to your mother and tell her you're brilliant.

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