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Knowledge Fight: #900: February 16, 2024 (knowledgefight.libsyn.com)

In this installment, Dan and Jordan attempt to figure out Alex's response to the cascade of news stories that have broken since they last recorded. Unfortunately, Alex was out of studio Thursday and Friday, so they're left to sort through some special reports to get the lay of the land.

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Don't be silly. They believe that the president would only have total immunity until they were impeached by Congress. So Biden would also have to execute anyone in Congress that would vote for impeachment. After that, he should be fine. Totally normal democracy in action.

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It looks like this would apply to any item used to conceal one's identity. So, it's possible that all of those things could be included.

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Of course it's not justice. He raped someone and then lied about it and defamed her. This is not going to magically fix that. He'll probably pay less for lying about a woman he raped than he will for lying to banks for more money. Is that justice? Obviously not. I understand the frustration, but our legal system is far from perfect and this is probably the best we can expect.

Knowledge Fight: #893: January 25, 2024 (knowledgefight.libsyn.com)

In this installment, Dan and Jordan check in to see how Alex responded to the breaking situation at the US-Mexico border, where multiple states' governors were siding with Texas against the federal government. Plus, Alex discusses how his ancestors were psychics, but not like those phony kinds of psychics.

Knowledge Fight: #888: The Debate Of The Century, Part 1 (knowledgefight.libsyn.com)

In this installment, by popular demand, Dan and Jordan begin an analysis of Alex's monumental, very serious and sincere debate about whether or not January 6 was a manufactured event. Guest stars a-plenty! Incoherent yelling! This debate truly has it all.

Knowledge Fight: #884: August 8, 2012 (knowledgefight.libsyn.com)

In this installment, Dan and Jordan go on a time travel episode for a special listener request, and end up in 2012. They encounter an appearance by the most important figure in modern history, Steve Piezcenik, and a special report about board games that they covered over 700 episodes ago.

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Predictions this episode:

"I predict George Duuuuuuhbya will be our next llloord."

We have a correct prediction. He predicted the re-election of a sitting president and did it in maybe the dumbest way possible. So it is not impressive, but it is correct. Four stars. Go home to your mother and tell her you're brilliant.

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