Knowledge Fight

Knowledge Fight: #853: Chatting with The Squatch Guys (

In this installment, Dan and Jordan chat with Solomon Berg and Daniel Jordan (aka Barry and Andrew), the two gents behind the riveting Ambassador saga on Project Camelot. The conversation gets into all manner of revelations one might come to by entering the the paranormal conspiracy space, and if the strategy of stealthily...

Knowledge Fight: #845: September 2, 2023 (

In this installment, Alex does a "special" Saturday episode where he interviews Mike Flynn about impending hack attack false flags, and then talks to his former employee Rambo Joe Biggs, live from prison, about how he's been sentenced to 17 years in jail for plotting a seditious conspiracy.

Knowledge Fight: #841: Like A Pearl Before A Swine (

In this installment, a listener recommends Dan and Jordan cover an interview where Alex fields questions from a YouTuber who is completely oblivious to any of the things Alex believes or promotes, yet thinks he's a very credible source of information. It's all very baffling.

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