All This and World War II (1976) A really weird offering from the 70's. Stock WW2 war footage set to Beatles song covers by some of your fav's including Elton John, Ambrosia and Rod Stewart (archive.org)

All This and World War II is a 1976 musical documentary[1] directed by Susan Winslow. It juxtaposes Beatles songs covered by a variety of musicians...

Pare Lorentz's poetic documentary The River (1937) (www.youtube.com)

Pare Lorentz's poetic documentary film The River (1937) tells the story of how agricultural practices along the Mississippi river led to topsoil loss and flooding during the depression era, eventually leading to soil conservation practices and dam construction. Flooding broke out on the Ohio river during filming, and is...

Challenge at Glen Canyon (1983) (www.youtube.com)

This film documents the rush to repair damage to the tunnel spillways of the Glen Canyon Dam that were damaged when they had to be used for the first time in 1983 due to record-breaking runoff into the Colorado river. As repairs were taking place, waters again began to rise in Lake Powell in 1984, creating a race against nature...

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