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Still waiting on my fresh box of “cheap morning favorite” cigars (broken record: Tatuaje Series P or Aganorsa New Leaf Corojo) had to dip into the Industry Killers again. Every time I light one up Im’m pretty taken aback by how good these cigars are.

Flavor and strength are there but not overpowering. Nuts and mild spice, burns perfect for the most part with only mild corrections ever needed. Long ash, perfect draw, and I appreciate the cost savings from coming in bundles without and bands or anything.

What I don’t like, but understand, is that they are only available from one place online because it’s supposed to just be a shop cigar for Sanj’s shop. Shouldismoke this is a kind of antiquated and difficult website to browse. Also it’s a toro which I am generally not trying to spend that kind of time with my daily casual cigar. They’re cheap enough at $7 (for the Deluxe, a dollar less for the regular) but “in this economy” that’s still at the top of my range. There is a lancero coming out and I would LOVE if I could have them in a short Robusto or another 30-40 minute shape.

Those are minor complaints for a delicious and affordable cigar, and once I’m busy working again I’ll probably keep a stash of the Toro for nighttime hangs and Lancero for coffee time assuming they’re as good as I expect that will be.

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