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TIL the original Zamboni machine was built on a Jeep, and was popularized by a touring ice skater who happened to witness it: Sonja Henie.

Here is the man himself. Frank Zamboni.

His machine scrapes the ice, augers it into the tank, washes it, storing the dirty rinse-water, and then melts it and spreads it evenly behind with a "towel", where it quickly re-freezes evenly.


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@dannotdaniel A true hero of the rink, and he Still doesn't have a pasta shape named after him.

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@gilesforyou hmm well... his brand is intact.. I can't name a competitor to

they have a matchbox car
they have a Pez dispenser
they have the hearts of 6 year olds across the nation

They just need a custom fediverse emoji :zamboni: 👀

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@dannotdaniel A big, steamy bowl of Zamboni & Cheese sounds pretty good right now.

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