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ABC exiting Twitter: Australia’s national broadcaster shuts down almost all accounts on Elon Musk’s X (

The ABC is shutting down almost all of its official accounts on Twitter – now known as X under Elon Musk’s ownership – citing “toxic interactions”, cost and better interaction with ABC content on other social media platforms.

Twitter gets buggier: Followers don’t display, users restricted in error (

Since the earliest days of Twitter, the easiest way to find out more about an account was to look beyond its tweets and dig deeper into who follows that account and who that account is following. Now, users are discovering that Twitter seems to either be glitching or intentionally limiting access to the complete lists of any...

Twitter’s lawyers admit They’re overwhelmed as nearly 2000 laid off employees file arbitration claims (

First, they built in arbitration clauses to agreements that effectively blocked certain types of lawsuits with “binding” arbitration, which the Supreme Court said was fine. Then they said that unalterable “click-wrap” agreements with binding arbitration clauses could take away your rights to go to court. And the people...

Twitter's collapse is imminent, here's what's next (

Using Twitter is still a necessary evil for many of us, me included. But given the pace of alternatives suddenly emerging, those days are numbered. I fully expect Twitter to be obsolete by the end of the year, a $44-billion boondoggle that’ll resemble little more than a glorified Parler or Gab. Yet another ‘unscheduled rapid...

DeSantis' Twitter launch disaster shows Musk's platform isn't ready for prime time (

The trio claimed that they had effectively “broken the internet” because of mass interest in the event, but in reality that was not the case. The audience that assembled was not even close to epic proportions. At its peak, some six-hundred thousand listeners were awaiting DeSantis’ remarks during the initial Twitter Spaces...

Musk defends enabling Turkish censorship on Twitter, calling it his “choice” (

This concerns some Twitter users because, as Time reported, "No single government in history has ever been able to exert such extensive control over what is being said, read, and shared by so many people across the world in real time." In response to Twitter's seeming abandonment of prior free speech defenses, one nonpartisan...

Twitter says it will restrict access to some tweets before Turkey’s election (

The decision once again puts Twitter CEO Elon Musk’s controversial free speech policies into the spotlight. This time, critics say, he is ceding to demands from Turkey’s right-wing leader, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Much of Turkey’s media is under government control, and critics accuse Ergodan of cracking down on...

The Internet Isn't Meant To Be So Small (

Both Lemon8 and Bluesky are imitations of apps that are already popular. Lemon8 is TikTok's new competitor to Instagram. And Bluesky is the new competitor to Twitter, endorsed by one of Twitter's original founders Jack Dorsey. It's funny to call these apps competitors when they are more correctly just replicas with only very...

Twitter is being evicted from its Boulder office over unpaid rent (

According to court documents and reporting by the Denver Business Journal, Lot 2 SBO LLC, the Chicago-based landlord that owns Twitter’s office at 3401 Bluff St in Boulder, was provided a $968,000 letter of credit back in February of 2020. It has been drawing on this to pay the rent in lieu of ordinary payments (the details of...

Elon Musk’s response to anti-trans video sparked day of chaos at Twitter (

The chief of Twitter’s trust and safety division, Ella Irwin, left the company that same day, after a tenure leading its efforts around content moderation. A second executive, A.J. Brown, whose job was to reassure advertisers that Twitter was a safe place for their brands, also decided to quit, The Wall Street Journal...

Twitter is purging inactive accounts including people who have died, angering those still grieving (

Elon Musk announced last week Twitter would be “purging accounts that have had no activity at all for several years.” The move caused outrage among people fearing they could lose tweets from now-inactive accounts, including those belonging to users who have died. Some users reported seeing profiles of late loved ones...

Is Twitter's new CEO heading toward a glass cliff? (

Her appointment renewed questions about the “glass cliff,” a theory that women — as well as underrepresented minorities — are more likely to be hired for leadership jobs when there's a crisis, which sets them up for failure. The term was coined in 2005 by the University of Exeter professors Michelle Ryan and Alex Haslam,...

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