Firefox has been good to me, because I use linux as well, and its sync cross platform capabilities is very useful.


For me Firefox containers are the killer app - one for each persona... though they don't sync well across platforms.


Yes, I was also using firefox before mac, so using it there was a no brainer.


Firefox on MacOS. I really believe in Mozilla as a company. uBlock Origin is one of the better ad blockers you can find. Safari is a bit easier on battery life though.

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Firefox. I'm trying out Arc Browser but it's been so sluggish.

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Firefox and sometimes Safari. Since I also have a Windows machine I like to use the same browser on both devices. And I don‘t like giving more data to Google by using Chrome. They know enough about me already


Firefox. Adblocking options aren't that good in Safari, Chrome is soon to ruin adblockers, and I trust Mozilla's intentions more than I do Brave's.

Firefox is awesome now, you should try it!


Actually Google indefinitely stopped the conversion to manifest v3 which would've blocked ublock so it still works for the time being. But I remember reading that ublock works better with Firefox regardless.


Firefox, although also looking for a very lightweight privacy friendly browser.


Firefox is my choice. Can’t live without sync and I use quite a few extensions that can’t be found in other browsers.


Arc! By far the best browser I’ve used on ANY platform.


I recall downloading Arc — being interested in a fresh take on browser UX, but then being very put-off by the fact that it wanted me to give it my credentials to numerous services.

Maybe I should try it again, but I'm very cautious about signing into Google, Slack, Discord, etc. via a 3rd party app...


But interesting for sure! I started using it around beginning of this year I believe? I’m definitely with you on giving credentials to 3rd parties, so maybe it’s something they got rid of by the time o joined! I’d definitely suggest giving it another go!


Trying it again... (actually posting from it right now) -- you're right, whatever it was that I encountered last time seems to be gone. yay!


Chrome and Firefox but I really want to switch to just Firefox. I wish Firefox had multi user accounts and tab grouping since I rely on those two features all the time.


Safari here.


Firefox, or Brave when things don't work on Firefox. Arc looks interesting from this thread and I've requested an invite. I keep an eye on Safari, especially new privacy features regularly being added and supported by Apple - though I'm aware of their privacy policy generally means they protect your privacy from everyone except Apple.


You don’t need an invite for arc. Just go download it. I think i used homebrew to get it without an invite

MrFahrenheit, (edited )

Got it via Homebrew - thanks for the tip

UPDATE: Opening the app asks for a login, when I enter my email it says not on the Waitlist so I guess they've changed it to require an invite before you can use it.


Edge for work, Firefox for personal. Safari for fun sometimes when I’m bored.


Same. I like Edge’s tab groups and collections, and it obviously works well with Google Docs etc, which I need to use for work. And then Firefox for most everything else because it’s not evil and has better add-ons than Safari.

Also… I like to use bookmark folders on the toolbar and Safari’s implementation of that is stupid.


I was reading comments in this thread about Arc, and I was intrigued and watched a youtube video about it. The thing I don't understand (and I haven't tried Arc yet) is how are the Arc tabs different than just leaving the tab groups expanded on the left in Safari? The UI looks almost identical. Is there a usage model that I've missed?

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Firefox and Tor browser.


Safari and Edge. I need to use Edge because I have several non-Apple devices so synchronisation presents a problem.

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