Literally can’t even imagine the US doing something like this with current political climate and congress full of rich geriatric cunts who each own 6 houses.


2% break for new home buyers

6% extra tax for the others

Doesn’t seem like it will do much but at least it’s a step in the right direction



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  • MyNameIsIgglePiggle,

    So it will have no effect


    Oh, go figure.


    Tax on second and third homes should be a literal arm and leg

    Oh wait corporations would just outsource that on the third world too


    Don’t see Poland doing something “good” for the people very often. Nice one Poland

    @SubArcticTundra@lemmy.ml avatar

    It doesn’t have a particularly progressive political scene when compared to the rest of Europe. It’s still a liberal dream compared to the US though

    ElectronBadger avatar

    While I find the tax completely fair, I'm affraid it boils down to the upcoming elections. This is one of many socialistic and populistic acts announced recently by the Polish government.


    Awesome! Now can we do this over the entire world? Every country? And with each extra home the tax increases? You know, this way it’s still doable to maybe have a second homex a vacation home or a single home that you rent out, but if you start having 3-4 … 500 homes, it just becomes impossible to pay. That would be great, makes it that there will come so many homes on the market that they become.so cheap that an entirely generation can afford to buy a home again. Yay!


    Guess they’re rogue state worthy of sanctions now.

    @Outdoor_Catgirl@hexbear.net avatar

    This is good


    Good going, Poland! Housing should be decommodified as much as possible!

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