No. Loaded title here. VOTERS banned them via constitutional amendment. Amendment was if anyone has 10 or more unexcused absences they are banned from reelection. Courts just decided against the R's lawsuit against the amendment.

Talaraine avatar

And.. just to point out if you didn't watch the video.. the senators who appealed this decision missed out on 6 full WEEKS of attendance just so they could stall the passage of legislation they knew would pass, but didn't like.

And the passage of this rule was BEFORE they took this leave of absence, so. Sorry guys.

SubArcticTundra, avatar

Voter initiated constitutional amendment is such a godsend. Genuinely one of the good political things I see happening in America

Steveanonymous, avatar

As an Oregonian, YAY

Now do the congress and senate

Che_Donkey, avatar

Ha. Dickheads found out.

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The amendment says a lawmaker is not allowed to run “for the term following the election after the member’s current term is completed.” The senators claimed the amendment meant they could seek another term, since a senator’s term ends in January while elections are held the previous November. They argue the penalty doesn’t take effect immediately, but rather, after they’ve served another term.

Nice try with the semantics you little turds

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