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Collaborative Sky Islands Game Via Syncthing Or Dropbox?

Something that might be fun to do on this sublemmy is do a collaborative Sky Islands run where a save file was shared and people took turns doing runs. I suppose it could all go on one post or posts could be made for each individual run or day. People could roleplay it in describing what happened on their run or just relay the...

Little help with mod compatibility on experimental (and stable?)

Yesterday I switched mods on for the first time, and had to test each mod individually, none of them is capable of running on latest experimental, so I changed to stable gaiman, and after enabling all but one mod, it worked. But I’ve seen some relatively recent reddit posts that say mods can be enabled on experimental. Is...

Oh my God I love this game I haven't had this much fun I don't even remember how long. (LOOOOOOONG ass post with some minor spoilers about gameplay)

If you’re going in blind like me I recommend reconsidering reading this, I don’t really spoil anything all that much, but I wouldn’t have wanted to know about some of this stuff and prefer to just fuck around and find out....

Mutant madness with mods (

So after many failed attempts, and just outright going to last save automatically done - I present after 20 days the “Chimera” mutant idea that is illiterate… raised intelligence to 5 and used bombastic perks to raise it to 6 because low intellegence is painful to level stuff. No mutagens yet and looked up chimera traits...

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