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Waterlogged soils can give hurricanes new life after they arrive on land (www.sciencenews.org)

Once a hurricane makes landfall, it’s usually the beginning of the end for the storm. But a tropical cyclone passing over warm, waterlogged ground can get a jolt of energy that refuels its fury, researchers reported in January at the American Meteorological Society’s meeting in Baltimore.

Swiss Maps Are Full of Hidden Secrets (www.atlasobscura.com)

Now there’s two words you don’t often see together. In fact, Google Trends lists zero occurrences of the phrase between 2004 and now. Even “German humor” produces a graph (albeit a rather flat one). But not only is there some evidence that Swiss comedy does exist, it might just be that being well-hidden is kind of its...

When is forgetting normal — and when is it worrisome? A neuroscientist weighs in (www.npr.org)

One of the fascinating things about sleep is we tend to think, oh, nothing’s happening. I’m not getting anything done. But your brain is hugely at work. There are all these different stages of sleep where you can see these symphony of waves, where different parts of the brain are talking to each other, essentially. And so,...

FAA Aviation Maps (www.beautifulpublicdata.com)

Among all of the visual information published by the U.S. government, there may be no product with a higher information density than the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) aviation maps. Intended for pilots, the FAA publishes free detailed maps of the entire U.S. airspace, and detailed maps of airports and their...

What’s Inside This Crater in Madagascar? (kottke.org)

Right in the center of the island nation of Madagascar there’s a strange, almost perfectly circular geological structure. It covers a bigger area than the city of Paris — and at first glance, it looks completely empty. But right in the center of that structure, there’s a single, isolated village: a few dozen houses, some...

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